Discussion in 'Motoring' started by Snaggletooth, Feb 4, 2013.

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  1. So here's a topic for everyone!
    To anybody who's had or driven a four by four, what would you say was the best ones? Also just general chit chat and stories you have involving your beloved 4x4 :D

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  2. Land cruiser followed closely by q7
  3. I currently own a Nissan Pathfinder. Quite simply, it is the dog's bollox.

    I want to paint it white, spray 'UN' on the side and drive across Africa.

    It gets some pretty hefty off road use and I tow a lot with it. Proper workhorse, beats a Discovery hands down.

    It's done 60 thousand now, usually I'd **** it off, but there is literally nothing wrong with it at all. Apart from loads of scratches from driving through the woods on logging missions, it's as good as new.

    When this one gets too tatty, I'll just get another one with less miles. I've never owned a car before which I can say that about.

    Last 4x4 before that was a Range Rover, which was utterly utterly dogshit in every way.
  4. I've always dribbled over the new discover, had one go into a ditch near a farm down here was at a 45 degree angle sideways, we thought it would be a complete write off and thought we would have to lift it out with a tractor, thought we'd be sensible and put some wooden beams under the wheels just to try. With a little push we just drove it right out of the Ditch after switching off the sodding automatic handbrake, all the automatic crap in it probably let's it down a bit but I'm not bothered, after that, all that needed doing was some tracking then that was that - good as new! Other than that I'd go for a defender any day!

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  5. I really want to like Landys, I really do. They look cool, you can get millions of accessories for them, they have a respectable image (sort of) and without a doubt the interiors are beautiful, the Range Rover is like being in a Bentley.

    Unfortunately I like my cars to actually work, being stranded on the hard shoulder of the M6 because of some Brummy ****'s gash wiring (again) kind of takes the fun out of Landy ownership for me.

    But each to their own. Personally I'm happy to look like a scrap metal dealer and forego a bit of cream leather and walnut, safe in the knowledge that my car is pretty much unbreakable.
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  6. Mate had a defender and managed to squeeze in a V8 petrol plus re-furbed diff and clutch, exhaust straight through bonnet, sounded awesome. First trip offroad it knackered the clutch, had potential but no cigar, still going strong with original engine.
  7. had loads of 4x4 best is Land cruiser then Jeep grand Cherokee diesel,as for range rover,if you dont mine the rolling and having your own tanker there not to bad,
  8. I love the look of the range rover but I've heard so many bad reviews, mate has his prop snap on the motorway with a range rover he's constantly complaining, but eh maybe if you kept on top of servicing and maintenance it could be great! We had an automatic on the farm as a field car and it was a beast! My inner boy racer wouldn't mind having a go in the Rally 4x4 cars just to go mad in Haha

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  9. Have a look at the new Kia Sportage, you might be surprised
  10. I would just love, LOVE to see you try and cut across a couple of acres of bogged up farmland in a Kia Sportage. Do it and let me know when so I can watch.
  11. Being 9 stone wet through, I find my £450 Suzuki Vitara (yes I'm a mobile hairdresser) with a little lift and decent tyres on gets me anywhere I want to take it.

    However, I am a very lazy surfer and find unstrapping the 10' board off the roof too much hassle, so my question is what 4x4 out there will fit a ten foot surfboard inside the vehicle?
  12. 9 stone and using a 10 foot board???..get a few lessons and you'll soon be cutting a dashing windswept figure along the surf on a 6 footer which will fit in most 4x4's, even hairdressesey ones.
  13. I had a 300 tdi Lwb 110 for ten years,had two clutches in that time it went everywhere weekend machine off road and general run around, looking forward to the next one. Just under 200000 miles on the clock
  14. Can you recomend a good teacher/instructor down in Cornwall? :thumbup:
  15. There's a guy runs a surf shack on Polzeath beach..long haired hippy guy.."Surfs up"
  16. www.[B]surfsupsurfschool[/B].com
    Seeing as it's quiet at the mo, should get a good rate...later in the season he's very busy ..unless it's just beginener to intermeidiate level in a group, but you might be better getting a private lesson to go "outback" and catch the green ones.
  17. I found the Navara a good 4x4 for a long board.

  18. Oh yeah I know the one you mean, big wave Dave, cheers for the tip. Mabe one day I will be able to Surf propper! ;P
  19. Mine's a Defender 90 TD5 and I love it! Now on 185k, but that's kilometres. Just treated it to a Rage Rover front grille set and getting new seat squabs and leather covers for the summer. Already has NAS lights with LEDs in - quite brilliant (pun intended!) and Beowulf rear bumperettes.

    We live 2km down a dirt track, have 2 big dogs and I dive/kayak - hence it is justified - NOT that it needs to be justified!
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