4th July

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by cornishgolfer, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. Happy July 4th......."Independance day" to all my fellow Americans!
  2. WTF does 4th July have to do with this site ?
    gash barge please MODs
  3. Have you never ever been to a 4th July BBQ or whatever party at a base/RNAS etc etc.

    Just a hi to a lot of people that are now living elsewhere thats all.....Just being nice!
  4. I'm not going to wish a 'happy independance day' to any Yanks. Why should I celebrate a foreign country's victory over Britain? Fcuking turncoat traitorous bastards. :twisted:
  6. Is that where they used to pass the bucket round collecting for the IRA? :twisted: :D
  7. Posting in a mong thread.

    And it's spelled "Independence": 4 e's and all cheese.
  8. Happy Holidays to one and all buy that Turkey here at Morrisons and celebrate Independence Day in style we have a grand collection of wines blah blah blah.

    They will try anything to get you to part with the dosh.

    I thank the yank/septic who offered me his taxi in Singers when I was late for the flight home. I do remember a sep many years ago when I was a snotty nosed kid taking a coke out of his fridge/freezer in his campervan. Meanwhile back home me ma took the milk out of the bucket of water. No freezer!!

    The national anthem? I do believe the tune came from an American hymn??
  9. 'Have a nice day, y'all' :wink:
  10. Bit of a clean up, questionable for CA but to lift straight from Neil Gaiman.

    Happy ''We Made The Colonies Independent and Let Them Spell Colour, Axe and Aluminium with Missing Letters'' Day

  11. going to a pahtee later, then watch the fireworks but of course I will be taking the piss as we have dual.....
  12. Have a good time, CG!
  13. Cheers mate, have some Newq brown ale on ice!
  14. And I thought this would be a thread to celebrate the day Myself and rest of 27 entry went through the maingate of Raleigh for the 1st time 31 years ago :lol:
  15. Exactly one year minus one day earlier - Anson 27 :eek:ccasion5: !
  16. Theres some truth in that Rumrat,we were on holiday in Boston a few years back and these cheaky twats at some Irish pub were collecting for the ferkin brotherhood (IRA) back in the old country,well i told em to weigh anchor and ferk off ,the rat fink said that if it wasnt for the fact that i had my wife and kids with me then he would have gotten the boys to sort me out,"dont let that stop ya twat face " was my answer, :lol: anyway all ended well cos we legged it "exit stage left " so to say :D 8)
  17. Nows theres a p1ss take right there.

    Newcastle Brown Ale is a Legendary maniacs drink that derseves the respect it's due.

    Yanks somehow like they do with everything fecked it right up and turned it into a fannies wet that is weaker than Fosters ice for Christs sake.

    I drank about 20 pints of the stuff in The States and did'nt evern feel a buzz, Thats 18 pints too much on the Madmans Broth. It bears no resembelance to what the Geordies sup over here, The Sceptic version may as well have been called Fizzy Gravy.

  18. Anson 13 , March 1971 , :lol:
  19. Drake 26, June 76
  20. I was Exmouth 27 baby greenies class if you were the seamen class Alan Coles was in your class- a townie of mine

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