48 years ago today.................


Today (31st July 2018) marks the 48th anniversary of the last ever issue of the daily tot, and to commemorate the sad event, I shall be having one at lunchtime today.
Being a bit of a naval dit songwriter in my day, here's just one verse of "The Tot Song" that I wrote in 1970 - sing along to the tune of Bob Dylan's "The times they are a changin'"

The first day of August is the one that we fear,
Farewell dear old bubbly, hello cans of beer,
This navy requires a head that is clear,
And we think it's them that need changing,
It's one and one now but it'll be lemonade,
For the times they are a changing.

That is all ..............
I'll be with thee in spirit amigo (hic)...

Pinched from elsewhere at RR today (courtesy of @janner)


PS Today a buddy claimed he was probably one of the very last persons to draw that final Tot.
Working a strange watchkeeping rota his duty finished at Midnight that day so he drew his mismustered bubbly in the early minutes of 1st Aug 1970.

ZUJ for anyone black-catting that dit?


War Hero
8 years ago today I had an enjoyable DTS with 2 badge mango , being an ex Chief Caterer he brought along a brass single tot measure to mourn the passing of Nelson's Blood.
What's the drama????? I have one most days..... retirement has it's advantages, off sets the so called golden years....another dit that's just not true.....cheers shipper's...:) :)