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hiya lads,
I've recently found out that my great uncle served with 47 Commando during the war and im trying to find out as much as i can about him/the unit. Im currently reading John Forfar's book "from omaha to the scheldt", but was wondering if there was any booties out there who could recommend any other books about the unit or know any personel stories from any 47 veterans they might of ever come across. From what i've been told by family members , my great uncle was wounded when his landing craft was hit by a shell or mine on d-day and didnt return to his unit until the following weeks. He was also believed to of been posted as M.I.A while fighting through holland. would the corps musueum hold any info about that or his service record? thanks in advance for any help. cheers.


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47 Cdo was formed around the nucleus of the 10th RM Battalion in August 1943. it was disbanded in 1946.

There task on D-day was to take Port-en -bessin. They fought throughout the NW europe campain as part of the 4th ss/Cdo brigade taking part in the landings at walcheren amongst other things.

The Corps museum should have some info on them. Also check out this link


Scroll down the page and there's a book all about tracing your booty relatives. :)
To enquire about obtaining his service record, give this office a call:

Disclosure Cell
MP G-2
Room 48
West Battery
Whale Island

Telephone Nos. 023 92 628667/8666/8671/8670/8654
If you have time/energy to run up to Kew you might want to check the following documents:
ADM 202/110, 4 Special Service/Commando Brigade, 47 Commando, Jan 1946
ADM 202/108, 4 Special Service/Commando Brigade, 47 Commando, period covered 1944 Jan.-Mar.; Aug.-Dec
ADM 202/107, 4 Special Service/Commando Brigade, 47 Commando, period covered 1943 Aug.-Dec.

I'm sure there are more files, but that's what 3 minutes came up with.

Thanks for all the replys lads.
I went along to the archives and got some copies of certain parts of 47's war diary from D -Day etc. It made very interesting reading. Thanks again for the steer in the right direction.
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