Discussion in 'The Corps' started by ryanisgoingcommando, Nov 19, 2008.

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  1. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    It involves a lot of Fizz, Eating like a horse, Getting annoyed with Jack, checking your dress size and oh yeah .... being the very best.

    Gotta love those Royals.

  2. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    i'd tell you but i seem to be getting debriefed by civvies at the moment lol
  3. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    Sorry: PERSEC kicks in.
  4. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    OK - to help you cut through the confusion.

    Fizz = training, sport, running around in sports gear not to be confused with running around in combat gear.
    Eating like a horse = eating extremely well due to all the running about. If there isn't enough food available then raid the NAAFI or eat the horse itself.
    getting annoyed with Jack = getting annoyed with sailors (Sailor = Jolly Jack Tar or Matlot).
    Checking your dress size = most self respecting bootnecks (Marines) have a dress up box which involves at least one slinky dress. Read the papers; it all has to do with bonding and getting pi$$ed.
    Being the best = ?? Well, do I really need to explain that one?

    Deep down Jack has enormous respect for Royal but simply cannot resist taking the pi$$ out of him. This is usually done from a safe distance though.

  5. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    i did try and send you a PM but i dont think its worked. basically you'll need to go to your nearest AFCO (careers office) or PM ninja_stoker he knows alot about recruiting
  6. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    RMs day get up do what your told.
    Ossifers job, get woken with cup of tea, then tell others what to do.
    Have a look at the RN/RM website for further details.
  7. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    Ryan you will get to see your missus at leave in training, whether it's easter, summer or christmas. And maybe a few weekends. If you go officer, there will be a couple of balls and whatnot and she can stay in your grot, but training is hard, you need to put a lot of energy into it. It's not going to be like it is now, so you and your girlfriend need to accept you are not going to see each other that much.
    I've seen lads drop out of training cause the other half is moaning about seeing their partners. Not good.
    And you can't put a time limit on how long you spend out of the country. It depends on operational and training requirements etc. Check out the website for leave times and dates etc. If I was joining up thats the first place I'd go.
  8. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    Mate If you are serious about joining the Corps you should'nt be concerning yourself with how many weekends you have off or if you could pop out for a few hours each day to see you misses etc. Your first year or so is going to be a head feck added with the possibility of a nice 6 monther In a sandy warzone like Afghan where you may not be able to phone or tinterweb you family and misses for a long spell. To join you need to give yourself away as such to the Corps for a minimum of 4 years, Your misses will come second end of.
    My advice before you join is to ditch you misses, If you don't you and your performance in training will suffer. There is enough stress piled onto recruits in CTC without the added worry of wether or not the misses is getting a hard length off some other bloke on the weekends
  9. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    Thats right the weekends are all time off, but when i was in training, there was a curfew up to week 15 I think, you had to be back by a certain time every night.
    After that weekends were free. But I think it's different for the officers, they get all weekends off? I'd text my mate who is an ossifer but he's in the ghan at the moment so no comms.
  10. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    FFS Ryan how long is a piece of string?

    Get it in your head mate it's not a nine to 5 job Monday- Friday.
    If they want you to go away for 8 months with no RnR in between and no contact with the real world for 2 months or so then you will do just that.
    Stop asking for averages It just does'nt happen like that.
    P.S nothing is more pitiful than seeing a young lad throw away his boyhood dream for some bint he just met. We have all seen it. :pukel:
  11. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    Succintly put Luke! But he's pretty much bang on Ryan, like he is saying and I said alot of energy and focus is needed.
    I split up with my missus just after I passed out. Sob Sob. Never saw her and all that. But I still bagged her off when I came back off leave.
  12. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    There was me thinking that booties lives consisted of vigorous exercise before getting out of bed, sunning themselves on deck, masquerading as kieties and preserving the pith industry. :twisted: ;)
  13. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    Don't think it is the career for you shipmate try going AET they do fcuk all
  14. Re: Hey - Daily life of a RM anyone?

    Incidentally, if you are considering going for a commission in the Royal Marines, RM officers are expected to do everything 10% faster and are usually far too busy sorting out disciplinary cases involving cross-dressing, naked bar dancing and naked roll mat fighting (can you detect a theme here?) to go on leave at weekends. They also have to practice for the underwater knife-fighting course in their spare time.

    Further details can be found on the RN website at www.royalmarines.mod.uk/server/show/nav.6913

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