Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by werqpr, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. can anyone tell me ruffly what percentage of people who take the RT end up passing out?? I only ask because from some of the posts on here it sounds like not very many!!
  2. You might be surprised at this but membership of Rum Ration is not compulsory prior to joining the RN. So what ever you interpret from the statistics on here is in no way anywhere near reality.

    Oh and no, I can't answer your question...

    ruffly? :slow:

    *sniggers loudly*
  3. sniggering loudly.....................you prat
  4. At least Polto can spell!
  5. I think your first bad move was your thread title.

  6. Oh dear. Do I detect a sense of humour failure?
  7. what an achievment, he should be a english teacher.
  8. "an English teacher."
  9. This thread is quickly disappearing down the :toilet: . You might need some of this... :tp:
  10. see I said "a" and it should of been "an".......what a fool I really am, I'm hanging my head in shame. its all to much I might end it now, if only I could spell a little better,
  11. spelling is improving, just the grammar to work on now :)
  12. toilet humor aswell you really are a prat

  13. Oh dear.

  14. [​IMG]
    should be the educated answer, however I think settling down with some [​IMG] could be in order.

  15. Is the RT the modern name for the NAMET? If so I didn't think it was possible to fail it. A high mark = good RO material, a low mark means Stokerhood and a very low mark means a Commission. ;)
  16. Damn, beat me to it - I was building up to that one James!! :thumright:
  17. WOW. This thread has moved on very quickly and surprisingly is going quicker down the :toilet: than any I have seen before. Must be a world record.

    Regardless of how many sit or indeed pass/fail the RT or even complete training, we don't let QPR fans in.

  18. Cheeky cnut :threaten:
  19. NAMET is now dead. Replaced by LANTERN. RT is the Recruiting Test that you need to pass at the AFCO.
  20. Exactly when did you serve you civvy twat?

    Stick to subjects you are qualified to comment on !

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