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Most of the 42s were pompey based.

Liverpool was Guzz based briefly and York, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Newcastle all had plans to make them Rosyth based at one stage or another.

I did say originally.
Glasgow was the first Rosyth based 42 in 1984. Followed by Liverpool, York and Edinburgh.
T Berth was built to accommodate them, so obviously they closed the Naval Base afterwards and sent them back to Pompey.

T Berth is now the ferry port.
Don't normally bother to post when not certain, but it would have been early 90s (poss 92 after GW1) that the 4 that were based up in Rosyth (however long that was for) moved down to Portsmouth. A friend of mine was in YORK up there in 90 and by the time I did a small ships work up in 95 they were gone. Hope that narrows it done at least a little bit.
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