41 Admirals

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by plumduff, Sep 28, 2008.

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  1. 41 Admirals with fewer than 40 principal warships at sea or likely to go to sea in the near future.
    How many of those Admirals have Sea-Time ?
    None for more than a few hours while they have their photographs taken by cotrolled naval L/Air( Phots) for lauding it over in 2SL controlled Navy News.
  2. #

    Another name change Norman?
  3. how do you know its Norman
  4. .....his obsession with scramled egg. :thumright:
  5. What really matters is, is it true?
  6. Whoever Norman is with his obsession with scrambled egg or whatever-- it is certainly true.
    41 Admirals with a first ever appointed this year as a further Assistant to the Deputy Chief of Surface Vessels. ....Help!
  7. I don't think that there are 41 serving Admirals and that "plumduff" (aka norman ?) is probably talking through his hoop. Without access to the current Navy List (until back at work tomorrow) I cannot confirm my hunch.
  8. There are currently 41 SERVING (sic) Admirals. with a commensurate number of Commodores (two in charge of morale) Captains and Commanders all with few ships ever to command. One Commodore in Faslane with over 34 years service has ever once been to sea.
  9. The prime Minister boasts of more or less full employment.
    True but they are contrived jobs--Invented to keep the employment figures looking healthy.
    Each of the 41 mostly surplus Admirals will have Secretaries ,Drivers .,Stewards. Gardeners .Cooks with their children being educated at Independent schools at our expense.
    If you're happy with that so be it.
    I'm certainly far from being happy having my income tax wasted on such .
    Our former Sea Lord has suffered a fit of conscience and thrown in the towel as our security Guru.
  10. We have this constant nonsense of quoting "Norman" when any contentious matter arises .
    What and who is he?
    Why is he so vital to sensible RumRation discussion?
  11. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Norman, Norman. These Admirals do not have drivers, cooks and stewards. Their children educated at Private schools, maybe if they claim BSA. But then I know off plenty of JR and SR's who claim BSA and get their children in to good schools so it can't be a class thing, can it?

    There are 41 Admirals (Rear to Full) in a variaty of Senior Executive roles with in MoD, exchange jobs with NATO and other, Defence diplomacy roles and yes in Operational roles.

    When I can be bothered I will post the different roles.

    Why am I feeding this troll????
  12. To Normal members - He (or she) registers two days ago, but comes out with the above. I would draw your attention to the use of the words 'constant' and 'when any....'

    To Norman member - You know the answer to Q1. Q2 appears to be worded incorrectly; were it to read 'Why, is he so vital to sensible RumRation discussion?' then the answer would be 'No'.
  13. They do not have cooks and drivers?
    Same planet?
    Why am I responding to this out of touch Troll?
  14. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Yer right I'm soooooo out of touch.

    Hold on, I'm in sea going unit. He could be onto something.

    Very few of the Flag posts have AB Logs(CS)(P) or AB Logs (CS)(D) - or what ever the latest thing is this week. Those that do tend to be Operational Posts or those that require the Officer to host visiting VIPs on a regular basis.
  15. Guns wrote, "These Admirals do not have drivers, cooks and stewards.

    I can't believe that, I was on a ship once, 5,000 tons, so not all that big really. On board as part of the crew were 50 officer stewards and cooks plus the captain had his own personal ones. the point is if about 20 officers of varying rate can have this amount of servants then an admiral should be entitled to more? If not what's the reason for being an admiral.
  16. plumduff, norman, whatever your name may be, I take it you are referring to Commodore Strait when you mentioned no sea time, if so She joined as a Blue badge Wren in 1975 and has now passed the reigns over to Commodore Hockley ho does have seatime.

    By the time wrens got to sea Commodore Strait was a two and a half soon to be prompted to full commander, as there are not many drafts at sea for Commander Supply Officers it is not much of a shock that she did not get any seatime in
  17. That's all right then. Yet another Senior Officer with no sea-time . Sorry Commodore Hockley has a vast amount of sea-time a Commodore should have? I think not-- Precious little!
  18. 5 ships, more than some less than others

    HMS Argonaut - HMS Brave - HMS Ark Royal - HMS Illustrious - HMS Invincible

    Please do your homework.

    In an ever decreasing Navy, getting a seadraft is becoming increasingly difficult for Officers especially as the demand on shore grows. And I know the amount of time a rating spends at sea is disproportionate to that of an officer, but that's life in a blue suit, you go where drafty sends you!
  19. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    We have 37000 regulars, 2000 RFA and 2500 RNR/RMR - in other words we have 41,500 personnel and 41 admirals? So we have one admiral for every 1000 serving personnel?
    Could someone show me comparable statistics for any major company please?
    We need to see what they do - its not just about ships you know! We are a multi-billion pound organisation running military operations on every continent of the planet. We own 100 plus ships, 300 aircraft and large amounts of real estate. Our procurement projects cost more than most major multinationals turnover. We have to have people to head these projects and run them. We have to have defence attaches to keep our relations going in certain areas. We are a complex organisation, and if we can run it with 41 guys at the top, I think thats bloody good going personally.

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