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40cdo wearing usmc threads instead of cs95?

Excuse my ignorance if I have this totally wrong, but is this Mne from 40 Commando wearing combats with US camouflage design? It's taken from the RN website..



War Hero
Ninja_Stoker said:
The US of A turned down this pattern apparently.

Nope the USA turned down Multicam this is multi terrain pattern lol. Its our pattern wih multicam colours.
And the USA have since realised there mistake and will soon be wearing Multicam rather than that shit grey digi cam they have currently.


War Hero
All I see in the picture is a floating rifle and some orange glasses next to some sandy looking walls, am I missing something?
2_deck_dash said:
All I see in the picture is a floating rifle and some orange glasses next to some sandy looking walls, am I missing something?

What "sandy-looking walls"? Do you mean the STC personnel?
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