40 Commando trains in California

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by tomcat24, Oct 25, 2013.

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  1. and your point is?
  2. Westcountry news was running this story a few weeks ago on the box.

    Bit dated now shippers!!!
  3. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Tanks have bigger guns than Booties, perhaps? :grin:

    Some may miss the fact that the US Marines is an organisation bigger than the entire UK military and has its own aircraft, tanks & dedicated ships - light infantry, it ain't.
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  4. One of the facts that came out of the tv footage. Was the US 'Fort' our marines were training was about the size of Hampshire!!!!!!
  5. It is ok to have joint operations with the USMC but has there been any case where the Army's Challenger 2 has exercised with the Royal Marines?
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  7. Challenger 2 will be in the history books soon. They are another assett on the way out. (Sadly)

    I remember Brig Rollo making a big argument over the plus's associated with the MBT's vs the lighter FRES armour.

    He lost. So the Marines exersising with CH2 seems futile in the current climate.
  8. i once worked with Brig Rollo in a JFHQ and admired him and his intellect greatly as, it seemed, did everyone else.
  9. Army 2020 keeps 3 regiments of Challenger 2s. Even the Germans are holding on to their Leopard 2A6, FRES is a dead project.
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  10. Exactly my point.
  11. I was pissing up in Malta when the towers came down, Saif Saria seemed a bit rushed after that.

    Nicki Lauda's airline flew me home from Oman.

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  12. Someone needs to tell the main workshop at Bovington. They are running down CH2 support. All being taken over by lighter armour!!!!!!
  13. tanks are not yet obsolete. Even the other NATO partners have bothered to deploy them to Afghanistan.

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