40 Cdo RM Hand Over Sangin

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by SJRM_RN, Sep 20, 2010.

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  1. StixJimboRM, I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments.
  2. I won't be happy until we hand the rest of Afghanistan over
  3. Our lads in Sangin have done a top notch job with limited resources and personnel.Whether the Septics can do any better with no shortage of either remains to be seen.
  4. Good news indeed.
  5. I've just been dismayed by Max Hastings' take on Sangin in the Daily Mail here:

    Blame the generals and politicians for this mess. But our soldiers can hold their heads up high

    I've often mentioned how rabidly pro-Army and bitterly anti-Naval Service he is (despite the RN having suffered such heavy losses while delivering him to the Falklands so he could capture Port Stanley single-handed) but I didn't realise quite how spiteful he could be. His article doesn't contain a single mention of 'Royal Marines' or '40 Cdo', who handed over the region yesterday after six months in theatre during which they lost 14 men, but it does contain 12 references to 'Soldiers' or 'British soldiers' and seven references to 'Army' or 'British Army'.

    Even the photo is captioned "The British Army this week surrended (sic) responsibility for the town of Sangin, where 106 UK personnel have died" and shows Maj Richard Forsyth of 1 Scots saying goodbye to an ANA officer instead of Lt Col Paul James RM, CO of 40 Cdo, officially handing over to Lt Col Clay Tipton of the USMC.

    I'll leave my uncharitable epithets for him unspoken.
  6. It doesn't surprise me in the slightest. Hastings is a bitter and twisted individual with his own skewed take on any aspect of every event.

    Afghanistan has been a huge tri-service effort, theatre not withstanding. His lack of respect for the people keeping him in a job through their blood, sweat, tears and smiles is dreadful.

    Seeing the short interviews on TV last night with CO 40, a Sgt and a Mne I couldn't be prouder to have been bootneck. All the men and women who have served in Sangin and Afghanistan as a whole deserve our admiration and thanks.
  7. Saw that to, concur.
  8. N_G, don't let the tube wind you up, he ain't worth it.

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