40 Cdo in Afganistan

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by wet_blobby, Jul 17, 2010.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Fcuk I'm angry.

    46 Royal Marines have been killed in Afghanistan so far, about a quarter of them lost by 40 Cdo in there latest tour, I dread to think how many have been maimed and injured, a good couple of troop fulls in this latest tour I bet.

    And for what? All I hear is the sodding yanks pontificating about "British Petroleum" or that horrapig Clinton gobbing off about that Libyan bloke the jocks released, "Perhaps the British Government would like to explain to congress why they released him"....Excuse me horrapig but go fcuk yourself, care to explain to the british public "Noraid"..no thought not, go fcuk off then.

    What on earth are we doing supporting supposed Allies like this? We only just finished paying the yanks for the second world war, they made a tidy sum out of us for that, even let the Germans and Japanese off their debt before we'd stopped paying them, cheers buddy. So what the fcuk are we doing there? it isn't in the British public's interest to be there, if anything it is endangering the British public, why should our fine young servicemen die so fat ignorant rednecks can have cheap petrol for their station wagon?

    Fcuk the yanks, I wish I met some occasionally so I could punch one but they're not too welcome down here so dont tend to show up, we haven't got too much oil either.

    Rant over.

    Stay safe fellas.
  2. Agreed.

    Well said.
  3. Bang on!

    The NORAID thing grips my sh1t intensely! I was wondering if that put the septics in the Axis of Evil crew as they did sponsor terrorists...?! Or were they freedom fighters......?
  4. Well said mate!!
  5. Well said mucker
  6. I personally see the Yanks exactly the same as the England football team, OVER RATED. As far as they are concerned the whole world has to work round them, but when it comes to ask them for help all we get is a big fat f*k off. I personally see their military over rated, never seen so many fat bastards in one location. Never has such a nation has so many historic and military blunders than any other nation, but when they do something right they feel the need to advertise it all over the place. Granted we are not perfect such as the B.P oil spill, but they seem to be not looking at all the facts and just looking for an escape goat.
  7. Disregarding the rather hilarious 'escape goat' :laughing5: what do you mean by 'but they seem to be not looking at all the facts'?
  8. Daily Mail

    I personally think Obama has a grudge against the UK.
  9. Although I do not share the green lid brother hood like those members on here. However I do wish to share my thoughts with the family, friends and colleagues of those fallen and injured, and I hope the others still out there remain safe.
  10. BZ wet_blobby and lets hope the rest of them come home safe
  11. A group of senators yesterday implied that BP was behind the release of the Lockerbie Bomber. This is getting more and more ridiculous.

    Did the World get an apology for the Americans putting us into the biggest recession since WWII? No.

    I mean FFS, BP is not even a government owned company. Around 40% of the shareholders are American. I heard some mongtard on the radio news the other day demand an apology from the Queen.

    As for the downright hypocrisy of chastising BP for pollution...
    Aren't America the biggest polluters in the world?
  12. Bang on WB; exactly how I feel about it all at the moment.

    This courageous restraint [email protected])O*ks is worse than tying the lads hands behind their backs. I'm all for reducing civ casulties but the current ROE are a joke - have a trawl back and look at the proportion of non-IED deaths. The point made about the SI and VSI lads is also very valid...

    Stay safe lads!
  13. Could not agree more WB.
  14. Well . . . they were.

    Couldn't agree more Wet Blobby.
  15. I herd about this on Sky News, so I did hear correct. So basically BP is behind ALL of the worlds misfortunes if it concerns the U.S. They are trying to make BP look like a James Bond villian now.
  16. Aye, and 39% of BP shareholders are septics :roll:
  17. Amended.
  18. Is this how the U.S portrays B.P ?

  19. What as an albino cat!!

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