4 Year Waits

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ellisdove, Jan 9, 2011.

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  1. A lot of people on here have been saying they have been waiting for / expect to wait 4 years before going to training . Is this true ? Or is that for certain jobs ?

    I want to go in as a personnel logistician , surely there isnt years worth of waiting ahead of me ?

  2. yes there is better Charlie Oscar 601 then
  3. Can I ask what that means?
  4. Eh?

    Lengthened to more than 10 characters as requested.

    Stupid board.
  5. Crack on

    I just got the 10 character thing as well!
  6. ok..... What does charlie oscar 601 mean?

    Many Thanks
  7. crack on, I just said that
  8. It might help if you gave it the correct designator - "C-601", which is Chinese Anti-Shipping Missile, given the NATO codeword "KRAKEN". Jack, being jack, mangles this to mean "crack on", as in "carry on (in your own time)".

    YamYam, tell me you're not a gollie.....

  9. I do apologise ATG, I will go and give myself a rebriefing straight away! This is what I believed it to be after hearing Gunners say it and thankfully, I am not a Golly or I would have to shot myself after such a gash mistake!

    Thanks for the Jackspeak history lesson though. Every day is a school day
  10. It's alright, if you were a Gollie, you were about to give a threat brief on the C601 ;)

  11. That's why you will never know the touch of a woman.
  12. Horizontal or Vertical MLP?!
  13. Dam, why did I waste all that money paying them then!

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