4-Eyed Bootnecks?


Greendeath said:
A serious answer to your question would be no as you need to have perfect eyesight to serve in the corps. However, that said, times have changed so I would contact your local careers office and ask what restrictions of role would be placed on you with your level of eyesight.
i.e. There's all kinds of roles including IT these days. However, your basic training would be exactly the same.

As for the responses you got my friend. You should have seen that coming!!! :roll:

All the very best of Luck


Well fair enough if that is the case, but i'm just going by this which my guide dog was sniffing around earlier:


On poking around it with my white stick it seems to say that unless you want to be a specialist like a sniper or aircrew or a bridge watchkeeper its SIII? :???:

At least i'll know what to expect at RM training if i do get in! :grin:


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You've got initiative my friend and a sense of humour.

I wish you all the very best of luck with joining the Corps.




Rang up the AFCO and had a quick chat with a RM this morning. The situation is there probably are restrictions on Royal Marine eyesight standards...but they just didn't know exactly what they are...or as the RM so aptly put it: "It's just whether or not you can see -its up to the opticians really" :mrgreen: ...that was just after the little gem "I don't know what SIII is"! :grin:

In fairness the guy seemed like a good lad and was talking to me about fitness standards etc. In fact he did say he himself wore glasses/contacts and couldn't see a thing without them - thats classic SIII pathology.

Though the conversation was more entertaining and less useful than i had bargained for, the jist i got is that the situation is: there are no real restrictions on general marines (snipers etc will obviously be required to find their targets without the aid of a white stick) except for the restriction that you should meet SIII as all naval personnel are required to do. :cool:

As the chap pointed out, with my current fitness standards i won't be doing the POMC tomorrow, but i'm realistic and knew that anyway. But fitness is just a matter of work. So it's just whether or not i want to put the hard work in, delay entry and be a marine or just cruise on down to the Logistics AIB.


Hello Sherminator, Iam pretty confident by the sound of things (then again Im not really that bright or an optician) that you can be an officer in the Royal Marines with your level of visual acuity, although I believe that you are not able to specialise as aircrew, sniper, landing craft crew and swimmer canoeist, and possibly reconnaissance. Currently I am in the selection process for joining the Royal Marines (not officer, but they are the same I believe, its just the expectations of fitness levels that are the differential) I have successfully completed the eyesight requirement tests (opticians and the one for the PULHHEEMS) and my eyesight is a VA 3 the minimum requirement, I use my corrective lenses all the time as I cannot see very well as it takes a day or so for my retina to focus properly, but then it still is very shoddy :lol:

I have also found some links that might be of interest, or maybe not. just trying to help someone out who has near enough the same problem I had, it also really worried me as I would not be able to do a single thing about it if i did fail

Wikipedia, Visual Acuity

RN/RM Visual Requirements