3rd November BRNC anyone??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by dsav, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. Just wondering if there's anyone else out there who will be joining on the 3rd?? And will I be the only snotty amongst you graduate types :thumright:
    P.S Anyone having a Pre BRNC brief in London??
  2. Nope, but congratulations on your acceptance mate.

    What are you joining as?
  4. I'm joining on the 3rd as well! I'll see you in London in a few weeks!
    Unfortunately I'm a DGE :thanks:
  5. DGE ??
  6. Sorry, Direct Graduate Entry.
  7. ??? So Then :dontknow: Snotty or Sub or 2 ringer?? :thumright:
  8. I would be going in as a SLt!
  9. :w00t: Acting S/LT sir :thumright:
  10. Cheers Sentenashi!! I'm joining as a Pilot, can't wait to actually start now it's been ages!! I guess I'll see you in London Landlocked, what branch are you starting as??
    oh, Scouse: Don't forget the plum?? I'll need your ol' salts wisdom on that one, I heard it woosh as it wentt over head! :thumright:
  11. Okay Yar :thumright: Have the Plum Inserted in the mouth :w00t: :thumright: Then we will think you come from a high Social group. :thumright: SIR
  12. Everyone knows that Snotties run the Navy! There were very few in the September intake (its mainly graduates to be fair!) I would say that slightly less than a third overall of New Entry to the College are Middies, being paid in Sunshine and Lollipops compared to those who wasted three years with their head in a book, now doing the exact same job as us! Not that Snotties are bitter about their pay! (Even though its the National Average wage, and we have very little outgoings, how have a spent it all a week before Pay Day?)

    You are all Officer Cadets (with New Entry wearing no Shoulder tabs until "Passing In") until the day you pass out of the college, and even then, a Snotty will not refer to a Subbie YO as "Sir"!
  13. This is my face beening green with envy. :threaten:
  14. :w00t: One of our Buccaneer pilots was a middshipman and his observer was an Act/S/LT. Always happy to call them Sir. Even if they were young and skin :thumright:
  15. :biggrin: I get you now!! Must be my state comprehensive upbringing! I'm guessing the bigger the plum the higher up the social ladder you go :thumright:
    Also, as I'm going to be a young rupert, I should probably ask some questions lacking any common dog just to prove my credentials: How much hair gel to wear, what sort of iron to bring, does BRNC have plug sockets; that sort of thing!! :thumright:

    Right, now that thats sorted off to the greengrocers..........
  16. You could be a clever Rupert, with common dog. Down to the local with your oppos, and have a few wets and watch the match :thumright: Like me :thumright:
  17. Hey dsav,
    I'm joining as a snotty as well!!! Yeah brief is something like the 9th october I think. What specialisation you going for?
  18. Sardine_Sailor check your messages, I have PM'd you
  19. hey
    yeah joining 3rd November too, i'm a snotty pilot, what spec. you going into?
  20. brill :thumright: Brings back memories of my Buccaneer pilot Middshpman Thomson best of luck and Bravo Zulu

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