3g signal at hms sultan.

HI there i am going to hms sultan later today and was wondering if anyone knew if my 3 mobile broadband stick would work there. as it didn't when i was at raleigh.
thank you.
They let you have your mobile at Raleigh???!!!!

WTF has my beloved Navy become? Next you'll be telling me you had a duvet and weren't allowed to go swimming in the sceptic tank!


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Tristan said:
They don't work any where else so i don't know why that would change at HMS Sultan.

Whenever I've used one of these supposed Mobile "Broadband" sticks they are slower than the old 'dial-up' connection.

Doubtless they will speed-up eventually but even off-peak they are slow, even if you can get a signal. You can get a signal at Sultan, but it's no faster.
3 is the worst network on the planet. I could only ever get a 'roaming' signal when I was at Sultan and none at all when I was based at Culdrose or Yeovil. My advice? Ditch it and go for a contract with a proper phone company.


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I'm here at Sultan using my 3 Broadband dongle to speak to you so yeh it does work lol. Slow as **** though.
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