3Cdo Brigade

As they are now returning from their arduous six month tour of duty in Helmand Province I would like to propose a chuck up for a job well done, the home coming I am sure will be tinged with great sadness for the comrades they have lost.

'Well done to all in 3Cdo Brigade'.
Well done to one and all in 3 Cdo Bde and the Army Units that worked with them.
A tough tour with high casualties but they brought the Good News to Terry big time.

BZ Royal and Perce.


Lantern Swinger
BZ Royal and Pongos, welcome home.

And good luck to the Welsh Guards (especially Jones16) that have just deployed, stick it to Terry and come home safe.
BZ to them all , my thoughts are with my dear friend Staff Nurse Debbie Mackin who lost her son Marine Travis Mackin in January , god bless them all , :salute:
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