370bm Training Manager


Lantern Swinger
My client is a leading producer of Bio-decontamination solution worldwide, the technology is developed and patented in house. They design and manufacture equipment for sale to the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, and Laboratory markets. In addition they design equipment for their Bio-Decontamination Service. The company also manufactures other laboratory and Defence equipment, and is a fast expanding company working with several innovative technologies.
Reports to: Head of Department
The responsibilities of this role are to design and implement a professional training system which will not only serve department but also be expandable to cover many other aspects of training within my clients company. The key tasks within this role are:-

Ensure all operating procedures are up to date and include all relevant data;
Design all aspects of the training scheme to give comprehensive training;
Ensure that the system can incorporate technical updates;
Design and implement a continuous improvement / assessment system;
To implement an online training system;
To ensure that training and support can be provided via mobile communications devices;
Implement a practical assessment module for the training;
Prior to focusing on the training ensure that a suitable replacement is recruited and trained.

Clearly there will be some other day-to-day tasks which will be required, but essentially these actions will take up the majority of the working day.
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