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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by gilburton, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. Anyone out there who served on 360 squadron RAF on T17 Canberras the site has been reactivated. www.360sqn.co.uk It is mainly Wyton at the moment but anyone like me who served at Watton/Cottesmore is welcome :wink:
  2. For any confused Wafu, like myself :oops: 831 Squadron — An Airborne Electronics Warfare squadron formed by renumbering 751 Squadron at Culdrose on May 1, 1958. Although operating various types of aircraft two Gannet AS. 1s were received for A Flight, joined in February 1959 by a Gannet ECM.4. For efficiency in training with the Fleet during 1959-60, 831 Sqn was awarded the prestigious Boyd Trophy. In July 1963 the squadron moved to RAF Watton, Norfolk, for better liaison between the two services on electronic warfare. The unit was disbanded on August 26, 1966; the Electronic
    Countermeasures (ECM) role was handed over to 360 Sqn :wink:
  3. I think you may have jogged my memory?? Although I was only at Watton for a few months in 68 before they moved to Cottesmore a glimmer in the old grey cells seems to remember a Gannet at Watton? Did they leave any behind? :lol:
  4. Best 4 years of my career! Went by in a drunken haze, Navy's best kept secret!!!
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Surely this was your entire career? You missed a great Pickles Night last week at Wit by the way as well as the bloke with the big hands' leaving dinner.
  6. 849 Squadron — This unit was unique in that it consisted of a Headquarters Flight which was permanently shore-based, and four Flights, any one of which could be supplied to a carrier when going on a commission. Each Flight was normally made up of four Gannet AEW.3s and one Gannet COD.4
    Ship's Flights — Carriers Ark Royal, Eagle, Hermes and Victorious all operated Gannet COD.4s at various times between November 1961 and December 1969 On the Victorious 66/67 we had 849 A Flight :wink:
  7. I resemble that remark!!!
  8. Spent time on 849 HQ as well!!
  9. RNAS Goldcrest Brawdy :wink: BY
  10. Only Squadron I have been on that detached for a least 2 weeks every month, and nobody moaned! Top Hotels, Money (Rates) no problem, Birds in the blocks, booze in the blocks (Even had a bar in the 1st block I stayed in).

    Most servicable aircraft I have ever worked on, Never had a hangar so everything from a rivet to an engine change was done outside.

    Great days.
  11. It was a well kept secret! When I left 800 on Eagle I was given a preference draft chit(remember them) You entered your 3 choices.
    There were rumours of this RAF squadron at RAF Watton which, at the time, was not too far from my home. So I put Watton,Yeovilton,Lossiemouth in that order.I got Yeovilton but when I got there I was "misemployed" on security(that was fun NOT) then I was dumped on station flight.
    After I had been at Yeovilton for 3/4 mths I got the message " report to the draft office". "Where am I going now?" or words to that effect I thought. "report to RAF Watton in 2 weeks" they said "Yippee" thought I.
    It all made sense now as they obviously had a vacancy coming up so I was sidelined for a few months.
    Turned out that was my last draft as this was the beginning of the run down of the FAA(remember Dennis Healey and Wilson) and I had volunteered for redundancy whilst at Yeovilton.
    I enjoyed it all and sometimes wish I hadn't left but there you go.
  12. Only new off one pranging in my 12 yrs in the FAA wing started too fold on Cat launch Hms Hermes IIRC
  13. Just Bumping this post.

    Any Ex 360'ers, there is an all dayer in Feb, details on the website. http://www.360sqn.co.uk/
  14. There is also a Barbie planned for the summer more details to follow once known
  15. Lads (and Sqn Birds) only in Feb, will have to take CinC Nag Home to the BBQ in the summer!!!!
  16. I was on 360 when Watton got the close down signal. Never fancied Cottesmore, so opted for Ark Royal. Never knew a soul on the rest of the Sqdn, as a Chockhead I was on the MT Section out driving.
    Had a quarter in Akrotari Square. I don't think I ever met my D.O. while I was there either :?
  17. Just Bumping this one as its nearly time for the mother of all piss ups on Saturday.

    Already ordered a hangover to kill a civvy on Sunday!!!!
  18. Bump

    Reunion 26th March

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