36 years young......to old?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by kettlefiller, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. Hello all, first post...be gentle! Was hoping some of you may have some knowledge regarding recruitment and age limits. I am aware the upper age limit differs for trades / roles, etc. I am a young pup aged 35, 36 this august, and i am seriously considering giving the careers office a visit.
    Am i right in saying the age limit of 36 yrs, upto your 37th b'day?
    Would i be recruited the same as younger guys or will i be laughed out the office, or given a lower priority (assuming i am as fit, good attitude)? The job im interested in is AET, and going by this forum its a popular career choice.
    Thanks in advance,.....sad b'steward ex pongo.
  2. Apply for "sin bosun", (padre) i beleive thats about at the height of the age range you are in now,you only work on a sunday,its blue card,and off course if you are a deviant (like most of us in here ) theres all them skin young sailors to misshandle,good luck and god bless you my son :lol:
  3. Ha Ha, quality...sounds good to me, i think 1 of my rug rats may have an old bible knocking about!
  4. Hi Kettlefiller,

    I'm 35 and am off to Raleigh in 9 weeks. The recruitment process should be exactly the same as it is for everyone else and yes, you can join up until your 37th birthday. They won't laugh you out of the office (not to your face anyway :lol: ) I can honestly say that my age was really never mentioned as in issue throughout the process. You get forever to run your PJFT too! :D

    IMHO, if you're fit enough, don't mind taking orders from someone much younger than you and you can afford to live on the salary, then go for it. There's several threads in here with people asking the same thing so it seems there are plenty of people joining in their 30's.

  5. One of the AFCO's will be about at some point soon and will point you in the right direction
  6. Cheers for your reply Kiwi-Fi, fair play to you. Good luck with training mate.
    Im off to the Yeovil Air Show on Saturday, if there's a recruitment team on site i'll pay them a visit, and a trip to the navy careers office is on the cards. Thanks again, i'm not the only old b'stard wanting in then! All the best mate.
  7. Thanks Tommo. Im not getting the shite i was expecting...thought i'd be hammered on here. Cheers.
  8. Probably cos you didn't ask what colour underpants you needed
  9. With all due respect you old twat face :D ,you gotta have a sense of humor to go into the Andrew,i am sure you will do very well and enjoy it at the same time, :geek:
  10. Probably because you, like many of the older joiners, ask sensible(ish!) questions and, just as importantly for pedantic old farts like me, can string a sentence together in something resembling English without peppering it with lol hahahaha m8 2u and other such gibberish.

    Good luck.
  11. Cheers for all the posts, good to know i not on my jack regarding age joining, gave me a giggle to.
  12. I'm an oldster too and, from what I could see on the RNAC course (brief though it is) us old fogies have an advantage over some of the younger guys - they were forever being caught out for not keeping their gobs shut and their lugholes open. I suspect that the advantage will quickly disappear once they start to wise up - but at least we have the edge at the start :)
  13. I read your original post, then read your username and had a giggle fit, 'kettlefiller' indeed! Images of a 35 yo doing the tea rounds at the AFCo :D

    I imagine you'll be a welcome sight at Raleigh based on the amount of shite that gets posted by the <21s here :lol:

    Good luck :thumbleft:
  14. Cheers for posts, seems were under the same assumption, head down, gob shut, ears open, sense of humour............happy days! An early advantage is good...any advantage over racing snakes just out of school will be a bonus! As for tea boy, not a problem, been there, will do it again.
    Cheers all, kettlefiller.
  15. Kettlefiller

    There's an increasing number of "older" applicants coming through the doors of the AFCOs to ask about applying to join; you won't be on your own. You can be confident that you won't be "laughed out of the office". Not at all.

    As you are an ex-pongo, there will have to be liaison with Kentigern House to get your docs; this could take some time, so be prepared for that fact. On the plus side, the waiting time for a start date for AET is relatively short.

    Do you know where your nearest RN Careers Advisors are?
  16. 8O 8O A 36 year old ex pongo/waanabe Wafu :roll: :roll: Hey up Pops!!!!! pushing it a bit IMHO. Could be struggling for run ashore oppos, in the JRs mess?? on board. The 3 badge Killick of the mess could be your very new best friend. Ke Sara Sara and good luck to you :wink:
  17. Hi soleil, cheers for input. Bristol is my nearest recruitment office, it will probably be next week when i pay them a visit. My previous record is fine, i PVR'D from the army, exemplary record back in 2001.
  18. Ha Ha, cheers scouse, aint got a clue with some of your abbreviations...get the message though, sure i'll be fine mate, cheers anyway, :wink:
  19. WAFU - anyone in the Fleet Air Arm
    IMHO - In my honest opinion
    JR's Mess - Junior Rates' mess (ABs and Leading Hands)
    3 Badge killick - Leading Hand of over 12 years' service

    There's a Merlin simulator at Yeovilton International Air Day, by the way.
  20. Sorry :oops: Wafu is a nickname for anyone in the Fleet Air Arm (You being intrested in joining as an AET) JRs mess is short for junior rate . 3Badge Killick would be like an old and bold Pongo Coporal. He would have had to have been in the RN for a min 12yrs usually longer and is the father figure of the mess :wink: Your to quick for me SOL :oops:

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