350m MOD Contract Trident

Guardian 21 May.
"The government will this week signal it's intention to press ahead with a replacement for the Trident missile system.£350m of contracts to start initial design for next generation of nuclear deterrent submarines.The announcement does not guarantee a decision in 2016 to go ahead wit a full replacement, but it suggests Conservative ministers are keen to send a signal that they are not pulling back from the project."
Reckon Wrecker or Wits might be able to design one cheaper than £350m
Nah, I was destined to be a targ ..... general service bod. I feel all edumacted now - cheers.

Back to painting the coving ... sigh...
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As well as the submarine model, there was also a little frogman figure (let's see if he bites!) that due to the same chemical effect, dived and surfaced.

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