34 Years young, considering attempting to join the Royal Navy

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Darren78, Mar 8, 2013.

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  1. Hi,

    I am a 34 year old man who is now interested in joining the Royal Navy. The careers that I'm interested in are either Aircraft Handler or Warfare Specialist. Could anybody help me firstly with regards to joining at my age. Is it really something that people do? And secondly I have heard that there are huge waiting times which would put me over the age limit anyway. Any help that anybody can give me would be appreciated.


  2. Crack on, it's a great life, well it was before JPA!
  3. :happy6:Turn it in pops !!! a 34 year old nozzer Chockhead!!!!! I don't think so =D
  4. Darren, whilst I applaud your enthusiasm, this has ('older' joiner) been done to death, and the last one was very recent. So you should be able to find out the pros and cons easily - more cons than pros as I recall.

    But good luck anyway.
  5. What with e mail and texting there is less mail to pick up these days!
  6. The other thread summarised that whilst possible, many find it hard living constantly around people in their teens or not long out of them, getting called grandad gets old, and many find things such as financial commitments harder to keep up with. I am still only applying so have not served, but i would say give it a go, if you will always regret not then may as well, i met a jolly chap in the pub the other day who was early 30's and just out of sultan, he was loving life- unfortunately i did not stick around to hear the ins and outs of joining at an older age, i fled the scene as he was a bit leachy :p
  7. =)I don't think a nozzer just out of Sultan, and loving life!!! Could give an honest opinion about life in the Andrew!!! Ps you were correct to flee the scene, and wait for a handsome Wafu to come along, at another moment in your life!! Who had come , back from the Far East with tales of daring do^_~
  8. Thanks Rachel, at least one reply had some positives in it :)

    I don't have issues with the grandad comments etc, I've dealt with that before and I'm not that old :)

    It's the waiting times that concern me more really as the 36 year age limit is fast approaching.

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  9. Haha, 'handsome wafu' you are funny :D

    If you contact your local afco they can usually give you a rough estimate of wait times, probably best to get the ball rolling as soon as possible :)

  10. Darren, if you really want to do it then you should go for it, Your local AFCO will be able to better advise you. You know time is against you so action (not talking/typing) sooner rather than later will give you a greater chance.
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  11. Yeah I know. I'll be making that call first thing Monday morning, thanks. Just wanted a bit of insight from people that might know a bit about things.

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  12. 'Handsome' and 'Wafu' - Not two words that are often seen in the same sentence!
  13. No but it's a reality!
  14. Was he pissed or are you a babe?
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  15. Im average looking, he'd had a few cans, and judging by town on a night out i wouldnt say the men of pompey were particularly fussy anyway :p
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  16. At that age you will be a grandad, trying to compete with teenagers and probably not doing very well. But I am sure it's possible, as long as yoy remember that most matelots your age have been in for 15 years. Your choice but it wouldn't be for me.
  17. its all the sun we get!!
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Many have joined at this age before.

    As stated above, the "show stopper" issues tend to be existing financial and family commitments.

    In practical terms, as long as you are physically fit and think you can survive on £14K per year before deductions, separation from family, working and living day to day with people half your age and cope with supervisors twelve or thirteen years younger than you, crack-on, the world's your lobster & good luck - many have successfully forged a career in your circumstances.
  19. Hey, it's a hard knock life, for us

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