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34 & looking at Hydrography and Meteorology recruit


Hello all,

First off, as the title says I'm 34 and looking at a career in Hyrdography and Meteorology in the RN.
I currently work as a transport planner/co-ordinator, and whilst it is a decent job, it bores me to tears, and thought of being stuck in an office for the rest of my days dealing with HGV drivers.... has brought me here.

Way back in 2009, I passed adsc for the the Rifles regiment. I had been nothing but a little piss head up until that point in life, and longed to get out and do something where I felt like I was making a difference, and could look upon my job with pride. However, being said little piss head meant I didn't get a very good grade at Lichfield and was kept waiting for over a year after passing, and was then told I would have to re-apply, at this point I had turned myself around and was a little racing snake who thought running up sand dunes was fun, and I'd had a son, I began an application for the RM's, being much more confident in my fitness and having found that I was rather fond of feeling like my lungs were about to burst out my chest, but not longer after, having spoken to many serving and who had served, and being told frequently that it was no life for someone with a young child, I withdrew it and consigned myself to being a civvie for life, tried the TA... wasn't overly impressed by life at the unit and left after Phase B, although training with the regs was a buzz.

My lad is now off to high school in September, he's doing well, and I'm fairly confident (famous last words) that he will continue to do so. Won't be long until he's 18 and I'm looking back at my life thinking, what if, and regretting it.... which I already do about not joining when I was much younger.

The past few weeks I have been unable to shake the thought of joining either the Regs as an infantry soldier.... which sounds like a ******* daft idea at 34, or something else. Over the years a general fascination with science has slowly crept in (I was thick as pigshit at school and still have no qualifications regarding it), I then took a look at the Royal Navy, and came across this role and thought, well, that would be mint to do as a career, imagine getting paid to study the ocean & weather, albeit for mostly military purposes, and getting to travel to distant and remote places.

Obviously I'm aware of the massive pay cut I'd have to take in initial training, being stuck with a bunch of kids who will no doubt remind me of my younger, dumber and much more naive self, and have a terrible taste in music and clothes.... grumble grumble get off my lawn.

I have clicked on the "register your interest" option on the official site, but I'm keen on anyone who can relay me first hand knowledge in this role, career prospects, where are they based, what are the realities of that role- warts and all? And just life in general as an older recruit. Rather than the official blurb.

Thanks in advance, I'm well aware of how many "whats it like" threads get posted in these forums, having posted them myself several years ago, but google isn't turning up much in answer to my specific questions.
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hi, I'm just starting out in the branch and can hopefully answer your questions. I'm a older entry as well. Fire some questions ar me and ill do my best to answer.


hi, I'm just starting out in the branch and can hopefully answer your questions. I'm a older entry as well. Fire some questions ar me and ill do my best to answer.

Have you been through initial training now?
Where are you based when not away on deployment?
What does general day to day life consist of when not on deployment?
And when away, what are your typical duties?


Have you been through initial training now?
Where are you based when not away on deployment?
What does general day to day life consist of when not on deployment?
And when away, what are your typical duties?
I Have recently finished phase two and due to move to an air station shortly. So yes finished the delights if INT. Im also a MET. As a Met you do an stint at air station for approx a year before sent into the fleet. Sort of on the job training. As a H you will go onto a rotation something like two months on and one month off. Day to day life as a met AB you will be a met observer, feeding the forecaster data. As a H you will mainly be a sea spec. Typically to get into the branch it takes a few years so if you are considering i wouldn't hang around. Also very likely you will be streamed into met.
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