322 listed sex offenders missing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by polariod, Jan 28, 2007.

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  1. Until recently I lived in the largest housing estate in our area, an estate of 150/200 houses which was once described as a village within a small town. The estate had a large population of young families many with small children of primary school age.

    A couple of years ago the head of our next door neighbours family, a man in his early 50s, was arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a young girl of primary school age. He was supposed to have exposed himself to the girl and her wee pal and when the pal ran off he then put his hands up the other girl’s skirt.

    He was given bail and after spending a short period of time of living with his childless step daughter he returned to his family home which was about 100 yds from his alleged victim’s house and began living as normal denying all the allegations against him. The children of the estate continued their life too and were out playing around the houses and in the swing parks as usual.

    After many months the man was finally brought to trial and he pleaded guilty to the charges and was jailed for 6 months and placed on the sex offenders list. What surprised the population of the estate most was that in mitigation his layer told the court that as a condition of his original bail he had been living with his step daughter in a childless house and had not breached the further condition which was not to approach to within 500 yds of the estate!

    We could only assume that the bail conditions had been imposed to reduce any risks to children in general and his victim in particular but which had been flagrantly abused through lack of some sort of supervision.

    The man was released from prison after serving 3 months and is now back in his family home and surrounded by children and nervous parents.

    Given the above I’am surprised that only 322 listed sex offenders are missing. http://today.reuters.co.uk/news/newschannel.aspx?type=UKNews1&WTmodLoc=NewsArt-C2-AlsoToday-14

  2. I don't remember there being too many paedos' around when I was a kid, what do you guys' think?
    Are there more pervs' now or is the reporting better these days' ?
    Maybe Nutty has an idea from a law enforcement point of view.
  3. Do you really believe there are ONLY 322 missing?

    And the rest!!
  4. When I was growing up in the 60s and 70s the only danger we knew about was the "stranger danger": men who alledgedly wore long coats who offered sweets to children and did unmentioned things to you. I suppose these were the paedophiles?

    Did it exist in the days of yore? Of course it did. For example allegations made against Catholic Priests go back to the 1870s... yes that's right, the eighteen 70s! The problem to some extent, in Britain at least, was disguised by a society in denial over the reality of what went and continues to go on in many homes across this country. To put the figure in some perspective, I remember being told that the Scottish police estimated that there were in the region of 100,000 paedophiles in Scotland alone in the 1990s. Personally I think that figure must be erroneous and it must only be a few thousand, but we really have no idea of the actual prevalence of the problem, though it doesn't help matter when papers like the Sun encourage men to have sexual fantasies about having sex with children by publishing a page 3 model dressed as a school girl! Isn't that pandering to Sun readers who are paedophiles?
  6. IIRC correctly, studies have shon the concept of "stranger danger" is a myth. Most attacks on children happen within the home or social circle of the victim. Of course, thats rarely reported in the incredibly rare cases where a stranger does attck a child. Whilst paedophilia almost certainly existed throughout history, we are going through a period of media hysteria. Its worth remembering that the figure being bandied about is only for persons on the sex offenders register, who are not all paedo's. There are for example, serving members of the RMC currently on the register merely as a result of high jinks during a run ashore. Also, the number of "lost" pervs only constitutes 3% of the total register. I would'nt call 97% success rate too shoddy in the circumstances. Of course, illegal immigrants and kiddy fiddlers are the last remaining bogeymen availailable to the street of shame now that they can't go after poofs or pakis anymore. Speaking as a parent, I would much rather see the effort and mony spent on something that poses a far greater threat to the safety of my children, like road safety. But thats never going to sell many tabloids is it?

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