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thought I was having a lighthearted reply to a lot of other posters who made comments that seemed erroneous to the question.
Seems not, as now I have a poster who says my father was a crazy killer!
I guess I'll give this site up,there are a lot sicker people on it than I thought,call me what you like, don't disrespect my family.

Said it once before,my old man was shot to peices at Dunkirk and only recovered to fight again in Korea.I was proud of him.
Killer he was,just as well or you would be speaking German.
Pity 'cos the rest of your post was humerous,calling my old man was sick.
Seafarer who had no sense of humour whatsoever (he was at heart a politician) took the story so seriously that he took what the writers were saying, to heart, rather than realising that he was participating in a fictional tale of dering do, etc, etc. As we will recall dear reader, Seafarer's dad, a white bunny called West (after Admiral West) who had the nickname Freddy, appeared on the verandah outside HMS Rabbit Hutch and gazed at the juicy orange carrots that lay, waiting to be eaten, at the bottom of Rosie's garden. Whilst he was dreaming about ultra night vision caused by a feast of carrots, Chicogiz was being led to (the relative) safety of the Bunts Mess by West's son, Seafarer, concerned that another bit of skin might gain carnal knowledge of a WREN before his chin had time to grow Man Fur, and he knew of Wren Rosie's reputation amongst the crew.

The PO Stoker looked into the eyes of his sweetheart.......
...........and whispered, y`know, thingy hasn`t really got a fukcing clue about tale telling, he`s stuck on the same old names, some of whom don`t even bother to reply anymore, and the same old siht that he`s READ about Ganges, but never having ever served in the Andrew, what the fukc do you expect.........surely someone has something new to say............................
....although sadly they didn't as most of the people at HMS Rabbit Hutch, with a sense of humour, rather enjoy tall tales of daring do. Inspector Nutty promptly arrested Hig the interloping pig and punished his rudeness by using a carrott to....
still his tongue before Thingy decided to spill the (baked) beans. The PO Stoker looked longingly into the eyes of Hig-the-Tale-Teller-Extraordinaire, not in the least suprised or shocked by anything Hig had told him, which he already knew, and said:

Will you scrub my back?
...and come to think of it you could do my port waist, tummy and back whilst you're about it.

Hig was appauled. He hadn't be told off to do such a grim task since he was demoted to Captain of the Heads in the Fife and Tambour Sea Cadets back in 1903. He nopened his mouth to speak, but all that came out was......

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