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"WTF am I thinking?"
He wasn't sure where the last 4 posts had appeared from. They certainly made no sense. Did any of this thread after "?? ?" ?
Who knew.
Meanwhile, Rosi was still trying to.....
who was in reality ,(quietly now),a newbie in heavy disguise.Pulling on a durex over each hand he proceeded,whispering to Rosie,"My Mummy did tell me to be very careful".Rosie then ..
.....pulled off his pink balaclava and noticed, much to her horror that the skin was none other than Chicogiz, the would-be booty. Chico said in his as yet unbroken voice.......
...the PO Stoker who'd appeared from the shadows wielding a wheel spanner wraped in a pink fluffy cover to keep it warm (the bunny jumped into the washing machine when it was dhobeying RC's red knickers and came out pink whilst the knickers came out Barbara Cartland pink (moral to you newbies: never wash your white tropical rig with your blue overalls...) and the rabbit whispered to Chico......
Rosi looked really p1ssed off :threaten: as the rabbit took chico by the hand and walked out of the mess, into the passageway. Once again, the chance of a real hard shag had walked out on her.
What was it with her? Lack of deodorant? Too much garlic bread with her spag bol? The fact that she didn't use Head and Shoulders?

Only one person could answer her questions. :afro:

(Poster's note: With associated unreserved apologies to all concerned, esp Rosi. I've never met anyone connected with this particularly long, bizarre, outrageous thread and cannot comment realistically on anyone's personal appearance, smell or lank hair).
Served on her for two years,biggest load of piss heads I've ever known.
toppled over and sank due to rust and some one depressing the 4.5"too low when conducting live firings!
great draft.
...And he was right. Seafarer, non too well after drinking fifteen pints of pusser milk, cross-eyed and knackered after a frisky episode with Chicogiz (for Seafarer was the name of Rosie's bunny) was reminising about his days onboard the old rustbucket, HMS Rabbit Hutch, which now lay in Rosie's back garden, the home of hundreds of Randy Rabbits (RR) with names like Vian, Drake, Cunningham, LeFanu, Nelson, Benbow and Seafarer's dad: Freddy West, the psychobunny......
Nutty of the yard promptly called in SgtP, together they marched to the port admirals office,demanding to see the secret files on Chicoette the newbi who had been reassigned in a special role.......

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