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Slim hit the gas. The helo roared towards the coast leaving pile of happy people, with the notable exception of NZB. Lossie wasn't far. Slim was eager with anticipation for the young (Old) lady (bint) he would be taking home that night. Scouse could read his mind.
Land on at Lossie no probs Slims first one to unstap and out. Straight to the NAAFI van for big eats. Think i will slip him a custard!! and chock up the van.Wonder if Gladys still loves me? Bugger me a private jet lands on with Spanish markings. out pop all the chuckles brothers. smelling of cheep vino and saying they are all now married to one another. A spanish poofters polygamy? Oh! one persons missing NZ Bootnick / Scramble the SAR :thumright: :w00t:
Thingy was thinking "992. We're so close to that 1000 posts".
Scouse and Slim were diving into big eats. Deeps was looking for his arm and Hig was (again) no where to be seen.
Out of the Spanish plane, along with the group of fresh smelling, vino inflated polygamists, stepped.........
Out steps Barry Humphries with a smile like a Cheshire cat." sailors long hair empty glasses ill have them all? Bloody hell Slim long range navex to the Southern hemisphere. Drop him off at Van Deamons land. Visual at 12 oclock a Kiwi bird with boots on. Its a wafus worst nightmare F.O.S. and carnt fly. Winch him up struth its NZ BootnicK .What kept you and where have you been? When you said round the world go!! I fort you said twice.Change course for Lymstone Slim. lets get him back with his oppos for some basic training. OMG comming out of the Sound a Pink type 42 and its full of newly married poofters. Signalling to us to come and join us at hands to bathe. Bugger that Slim set new course we are out of here :thumright:
How odd of Deeps to come out with such a thing on this thread, what is the point of that?
muttered Higgy, as he tossed Deeps' arm into the drink and wondered if it was caused by decompression sickness, encroaching juvenile dementia or an inability to navigate the sometimes labyrinthine threads of RR. Just as he was wondering what to do next, a hand reached for him from the sky and pulled him aloft. As he did so, Slim said:

WTF are you doing Higgy, me old fcuker!

Oh it's you. I thought it was my old mate the Harvester Grim taking me to Heaven.

We're off to have some wets. Wanna join us?

Greeeeeaaaat! I'm paying!

Shouted Higs, overwealmed by the act of generousity from his fellow Waffoos.

Suddenly hundreds of matelots, old hands and Thingy and his oppos scrambled up the line securing Slim and Hig to the helicopter and the line broke (it would have broken just with Thingy on it!). They fell and splashed down in the middle of a vast expanse of (loan) shark infected oggin with only a black pig, HMS Messenger of Death between life and being supper to the sharks. They volunteered for the Submarine Service. :biggrin:

Just as they arrived Roddy was lighting the BBQ and the sound of gushing beer echoed round the boat. They were (officially) celebrating the Queens's birthday, even though it was 6th July. Food was laid out of stretchers Rod have purpoined from the ward of his shore-leave job as a brain surgeon, and the food was the leftovers of what the great British public threw out every week.

DE raised a tinny and shouted

Only 4 more posts to go!!!

'Anyone fancy a pint?' he asked.
'Oh' said Captain Cruise 'Its Pimms oclock'
'Time for tiffin' lisped Butch Manstrong
They all left for the Pink Pussy Disco a Go Go bar clasping their pussers issue clutch bags..........
Rod had the BBQ going strong. DE was on his 53rd tin. Thingy, Hig and Slim had climbed the casing and were making a beeline for the few remaining beers. Butch looked Cruise squarely in the eye and asked,
"Why do you lot have rank badges like bar-codes?"

Cruise just stared straight ahead and answered in a voice like a Chief Stoker gargling gravel.........

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