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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by alfred_the_great, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Does this apply to the RN? Anyone know how I'd go about getting in it?

  2. So far there has been 23 views of this topic and not one reply. That's probably because no one has heard of it. I certainly haven't or am I just being thick. What is the 300 club.

    Edit. I've jut googled it and am none the wiser as why you should think that it would apply to the RN. There are lots of 300 Clubs' out there. Which one are you talking about.
  3. There used to be a 300 club at RMR London (H.Q) if that helps.
  4. It means you achieve the standard for 100 points in each part of your Fitness test. As a soon to be 30 year old, I need to do a mile and a half in less than 8.30ish, 80ish press ups and sit ups.

    Any clubswingers out there who could help? I'm on leave, and anyway, the last time I asked for help at a gym the clubswinger looked at me in a v blank way....
  5. No its a daft pongo thing. Why would you want a t-shit for getting a good rnft?
  6. Clearly worried now Jimbo. Perhaps taking that commiss wasn't sucha good idea after all...
  7. Saw this thread before and I thought it was something to do with the film 300 and some crazy work out.
  8. There was, but why was it called the 300 Club?
  9. No idea mate.
  10. That's their standard look. You should always check that they are carrying a blue clipboard - those that do are the ones that can talk.
  11. ... but not write at the same time
  12. Still is.
  13. I had a driver that I once hit a golf ball 300yards with.

    Does this count?
  14. Write?

    No - we're talking about clubswingers.

    The ones that make stewarding a spectacular career option.
  15. Could it be a club in which members have received the maximum possible score of 300 points in the USMC PFT??

    20 Pull ups, 100 crunches and sub 18 min 3 mile run.

    Not telling you my score!!!
  16. I'm pretty sure you will do a full fitness test on arrival at BRNC - sit-ups and press-ups included.

    Best you get practicing; anyway, for someone of your age, getting 300 points is equal to a mile and half in under 15 minutes, resting on your middle aged spread for the press-ups and sitting up (slowly) for the sit-ups ;)
  17. not bad for an old man....

    Although disappointingly, they've changed the RNFT course at BRNC. You now get dizzy around the astroturf instead of a nice bimble through the grounds.
  18. You ever try nicking my tot Jim and oh boy you better do better than that, and zig zag a lot. :D :wink:
  19. Good man, how about a donation to help the aged then?
    See this is when they start going over the side :twisted:

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