30 years ago


War Hero
30 Yrs ago I was standing on the same spot Elvis stood when he was doing the diving scenes at Acapulco....sipping my Pina Colada and contemplating the green zone up in the hills of Acapulco, and hoping they refilled my booze fridge in the Hotel (El Presidente) that the Government so nicely provided for my use(s) :D
I think I was on my way to HMS Dolphin for Submarine training having just left HMS Rame Head alongside at HMS Excellent


War Hero
30 years ago? 2nd Mate Oil Rig Supply vessels Northern North Sea. Already done ten in the grey things, several years in Tankers (many visits to that Sandy Place, hasn't changed apparantly - old Tankermans saying "the Shatt al Arab is the ******** of the world and Basrah is ten miles up it" somebody be so kind as to let me know - not that I have any desire to return!)year and a half on "banana boats" - now that was a job! (if you liked bananas, and rum!!!)

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