30 years ago

Always_a_Civvy said:
rugger_bob said:
Always_a_Civvy said:
rugger_bob said:
I was at a private school...
Is that what they used to call Borstal? :wink: :lol:

At my comprehensive school we used to refer to it as Colditz... though to be fair, if you ran away you weren't (usually) shot! :lol:
You have caught me out AaC,it was run by the Nuns, god what a dreadful time I had, hated every moment of it !!! :sad:
Never experienced the delights (or otherwise) of the female of the species. I'd have thought you'd have a whale of a time with all them saucy nuns! :wink: :lol:
Trust me AaC, you dont want to experience the Nuns, they are complete bitches, they have no souls and can be very nasty towards kids, must be a power thing !!


War Hero
Chipping paint in HMAS Torrens in Williamstown Dockyard, thinking I might whack in me chit for Submarines.
Er, about to choose which CSEs and O Levels to study the following year... when I was 15.... :oops: Oh yes, and plotting my escape from school! :twisted:
Inboard --spare crew with a quiet number after six years and two boats one after the other.

Didn't last long----------ended up doing CSST then got another boat!
2nd Year apprentice at Cammel Lairds Shipbuilders in Birkenhead, building T42's at the time, little did I know that a few years later I would be serving on them...funny how times change. :p


gizawetofyagoffaskin said:
Just thought I would celebrate my 100th post with the fact that 30 years ago today I first set foot in Guzz on my way to HMS Raleigh. Seems like yesterday

I think the only person left in the mob out of my entry was, when I last looked, driving HMS Endurance. I wonder if he'll be celebrating today?
A mear child!


Lantern Swinger
ahhh I was eating crayola crayons and larging it in mixed infants. Little did I know I was staring down the barrel of junior school...


Lantern Swinger
30 years ago, I was lurking in the depths of the North Atlantic in one of our black messengers of death lying silently in wait for the unsuspecting emeny :oops:
Wish I was 5 years younger
geoff(ers) :?


I was a baby bunting on my first ship in Rosyth, learning how to punish my liver and ruin a pussers matress :oops:


War Hero
Book Reviewer
I was at a cinema in Sarf Laanden somewhere, watching Star Wars for the umpteenth time, wiv all me matez, getting high on cola bottles and sherbert dib dabs... :lol:
dhoby_bucket said:
Onboard the good ship Achilles defending the realm (whilst getting pissed)..
or should that be the other way round??
Was that whilst it was in refit at Gib along with the Bacchante?

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