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Discussion in 'History' started by Darb, Mar 14, 2007.

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  1. Just thought I would celebrate my 100th post with the fact that 30 years ago today I first set foot in Guzz on my way to HMS Raleigh. Seems like yesterday

    I think the only person left in the mob out of my entry was, when I last looked, driving HMS Endurance. I wonder if he'll be celebrating today?
  2. Happy 100 postday to you.

    28 years ago today, I walked out of Nelson Barracks on terminal leave.

  3. 30 years ago I was a student at Imperial College, London on a student grant to live on.
    My naval pension was my socialfund and I had a ball.It was a great sabbatical year before I stated my second career.
    :lol: :lol:
  4. 30 years ago? I was sitting in double French, dreamily gazing at my beautiful French teacher, wondering what colour her knickers were when I should have been declining avoir...
  5. Onboard the good ship Achilles defending the realm (whilst getting pissed)..
    or should that be the other way round??
  6. 30 years ago I was up to me armpits working on Chipmunks and Bulldogs at Hurn, sorry that should be Bournemouth International Airport
  7. 30 years ago today I was doing exactly the same as you mate. I was joining HMS Raleigh for the start of my naval career as a communicator, which ended last June and I am now a darn civvie. :)

    I was the last one to leave of my entry. :shock:
  8. You only joined 30 years ago giza?!! :shock: I had you down as one of the old timers who'd retired 30 years ago! :lol:

    30 years ago I was still at school, about to embark on my CSEs & 'O' levels... I also made my only (extremely minor) contributions to science at 14 - none since! :oops:
  9. I was 12 and in my 2nd year at Monkwearmouth Comp, Sunderland.

    Being a nuisance, playing footy in the street (jumpers for goalposts etc), running across railway tracks, climbing over the school playing field fence in the evenings, building bonfires down the local NCB dump and chucking rubber tyres and asbestos onto them to see what would happen. Coming home with cuts and bruises and covered in muck!

    Ahh, I loved it! :razz:
  10. I was looking forward to an all expenses paid weekend in Tenerife paid for by my employer for being the best salesman in my region thinking career 2 was going well.
  11. Giza

    If it's NL you're thinking of, he just off to the Gulf......
  12. 30 years ago I was on the old Ark Royal & having a great time , was nearly 22 & had been in 6 years , been outside nearly 12 years & dont know where the time has gone , seems like yesterday , :lol:
  13. Looking forward to joining RN in september 1977
  14. I was at the end of a 7 month deployment to the West Indies on HMS Tartar :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  15. Just a twinkle in my daddies eye!
  16. Just about to take my PO Tiffs exam, Part A&B boiler ticket etc. I left the Antrim as a A/MEA2 in the May shortly before she sailed for Queens Silver Jubilee Fleet Review. Was that the last time we had enough ships to form a proper Fleet review (on our own if necessary?)
  17. I was at a private school., bloody hated it, still have bad memorys. :twisted:

    I remember Star Wars ,or was that the wrong year?
  18. Is that what they used to call Borstal? :wink: :lol:

    At my comprehensive school we used to refer to it as Colditz... though to be fair, if you ran away you weren't (usually) shot! :lol:
  19. Life Assurance Clerk, sitting there looking out of the window, thinking,"Is this it?"
  20. Borstal Grammar was and probably still is a state school and nothing to do with the penal system, very good chum of mine at Dartmouth went there and used to have great fun when asked what school he went too in replying Borstal and then watching for the shocked reaction.

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