30 years ago..........Brixton Riots

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, Apr 10, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - In pictures: Brixton riots

    Remember Spitting image at the time, Douglas Hurd approaches Maggie

    ''They're rioting in Brixton''

    ''Who's responsible ?''

    ''You, you stupid bitch''.......Glasgow kiss.
  2. Priceless. I miss spitting image. The good old days of comedy.
  3. Good old days

    Happy Days
  4. I can't believe that was 30 years ago. Blimey we new how to hold a riot in those days.
  5. Even bigger one 84/5............the miners strike.
  6. Yep Orgrieve was a right bundle of laughs.

    I'll See your miners strike and raise you Wapping News Interrnational.
  7. :violent1: Working as a dog handler at H.M.P. Brixton at the time;- the rioters tried to invade Jebb Avenue and the married quarters , Brixton Hill and Lyham Avenue. It was like being in a remake of Zulu.The only danger I faced In the Andrew were typhoons and slightly lesser force 10s. But ! I was sure got payback during my time in the Prison Service.:evil2:
  8. hahahahaha:laughing2:
  9. I was brought up in the leafy suburb of Brixton (yes it was!), and can remember the first influx of "Empire Windrush" passengers into Somerleyton and Geneva Roads, opposite the Labour Exchange. On a revisit many years later I was talking to a well established West Indian gentleman in his papershop in Railton Road. He was complaining bitterly about the Somali immigrants. Plus ca change!

  10. Oi you, don't extricate the Michael out of my buddies. We gave you lot a good thrashing up on the mountain at Isandlwana, and were doing pretty well at Brixham until most of the British police force arrived and brutalized us. Fascist pigs.
    And if the only danger you ever faced in the Andrew was a little bit of wind, then all I can say is you never went to a dance at the Pavilion or drank in the Golden Fleece or the lennox. Wimp.:-D
  11. Yeah, the Pigs got what they deserved after trying to assist a stab victim. 279 policemen and 45 members of the public hurt.
  12. Yeah,
    It was a good ruck and I is glad you thinks dem piggies got theirs.
    Leroy broke a nail there and Winston got his toe trod on so there were injuries all around.
  13. On a serious note, my uncle was injured in the riots, he was a member of the West Mids police, that had been drafted in during the disorder. He maintained that the main perpetrators of the disorder were none resident in the borough, and this was bore out by the addresses given in court during the aftermath.
  14. It's nice to know that you can rely on rent-a-mob ...
  15. I is available for minor disorders, but only weekdays.
  16. I missed the Brixton riots, I went to Devon, I thought they said Brixham
  17. Best laugh I've had since Granny caught her tits in the mangle. BZ, Shippers !!!
  18. Ahh, it explains why the riots only lasted 3 days ... hmm .... don't work weekends ? ..... are they closet RAF then?
  19. No I is just a lazy coon.
  20. :naka:I'll have you know I'll see your Golden Fleece and raise you The Albany, Lennox, Balmoral, Fes Bar, Mucky Duck and Wiltshire Grey. I've also lived R.A. in 1950s Hartlepool and I did not get a medal.:evil3:

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