3 wishes for the New year.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by w.anchor, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. 1, A Grand Child,
    2,Bush covered in Teflon proof shit,
    3,A fair deal for the Palestinians
  2. 1. A big lottery win.
    2. Peace and good will to all men (& women & children).
    3. An 18 year old (English speaking) essence looking Swedish blonde lass to play hide the sausage with.
  3. Can I change my mind ?
  4. 1) Pass all my GCSE's
    2) Pass out into the royal navy
    3) Mum win the lottery ( a BIG lottery win)

    Just hope them wishes come true.
  5. The cancerous tumor to be reduced on my sister in laws liver so they can operate to save her life. That way she can see her ten year old child grow up to be a man. Feck the lottery!!!
  6. Sorry to hear that about your sister in law. I wish her all the best and take away one of my wishes and hope she gets better.
  7. My best wishes to her Bp.
  8. health and happiness for all .. number 3 you can divide up my lottery win between you ... money don't buy love :toothy4:

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