3 weeks!


Lantern Swinger
Hi all and happy new year, right ladies and gents i've got my 2nd medical coming up on the 28th(shiteing myself) and Iwant to get rid of a bit more weight I weigh about 15.7, how much do you think I could lose? i'm gonna be running for about 40 min-60 mins every day aswell as sit ups and press ups. porridge for brekfast, fruit for lunch and fish/chicken with veg for dinner, what would be a fair ammount to lose? cheers
Happy New Year WerQpr.

I'm no expert but would suggest around 10 lbs.

BTW I don't think that just fruit for lunch is enough. Would add a baked potato with tuna or cottage cheese and salad.


Lantern Swinger
In 3 weeks? Healthy weight loss (fat burning) would only being at the (roughtly) 3 week period of a exercise induced calorie deficit anyway.

For the sake of the numbers on the scales, you could probably drop about 3-6kg without too much of a drop in performance.

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