3 RAF men killed 20/7


Sadly, there will be more of this as we concentrate our forces into a single base (a 'no no' in tactical terms) and the insurgents play pot luck with mortar shells.
rosinacarley said:

Wanted to post this, partly because it may go unnoticed on here and partly because one of them is a fellow reservist.

May they rest in peace.
RIP guys.

Rosie, be assured the deaths of our troops will not go unnoticed except, probably, by those responsible in power.
Sincere condolences to all bereaved families, friends and colleagues. Although I was RN and my dad was RAF, all service personnel lie equal in death.


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RIP Guys,

"Through sunlit days and darkest night,
We dare to face the risks of flight.
In speeding craft we soar to fly
On hidden highways in the sky.
Be with us, Father, as we rise
To brave the challenge of the skies"

Taken from the RAF Hymn.
To The RAF - a poem by Alfred Noyes

Never since English ships went out
To singe the beard of Spain,
Or English sea-dogs hunted death
Along the Spanish Main,
Never since Drake and Raleigh won
Our freedom of the seas,
Have sons of Britain dared and done
More valiantly than these.

Whether at midnight or at noon,
Through mist or open sky,
Eagles of freedom, all our hearts
Are up with you on high;
While Britain's mighty ghosts look down
From realms beyond the sun
And whisper, as their record pales,
Their breathless, deep, Well Done!



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Sadly I agree with HarryB, in Jun the COB took 187 hits alone - if they don't watch out (and they have some pretty interesting RN manned counter measures in place) this will increase.

I'm intrigued that the real extent of the violence in Basra seems to be largely unreported.

My thoughts are obviously with the families of the fallen but also with the rest of the men and women in the COB waiting for their daily dose

C'mon 20 Battery :threaten: !!!!

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