3 miles in 15 minutes?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Peter_G, Jul 19, 2008.

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  1. So, the summer holidays are here, and there are still a good few months till I can join. My question is would 3 miles in 15 minutes be too high of a target for the end of the summer holidays or a good one.
  2. Depends on many things like age, weight, etc.
  3. A mile in under four minutes would be far better, go for it.
  4. depends how good your running is. If a guy can crack 3 miles in 15 minutes then that man is a machine. Not many can claim a target like that.
    Go for it.
  5. What is yor current 3 mile time?

    If its much more than 17 mins, I'd say that breaking 15 mins by the end of summer is unlikely. - Unless your after an injury!

    Dont worry though, if its The Corps your applying for, you initially only need to be under 21 mins to be accepted.

    - or should i say, pass the 3 mile test.

    (there are plenty of others too)
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Frankly 7minute miles over that distance is adequate, 6 is pretty good, 5 is very rare.
  7. As stated, depends on what your baseline times are like. I did similar, with 22min starting, down to 18 min before entry. 15 mins and change is possible but takes some serious conditioning unless you have natural ability in buckets.
    Dropping my 3 mile times reflected in my 1.5 miler (2.4k these days??) dropping to 7.06 on entry and 6.58 on passing out. I wasn't even first....
  8. bloody hell thats good running, Im 5ft 11 and 102kg and managed 2.4k in 10.38, but i am also playing semi pro rugby at minute, am joining navy in oct but would consider marines in the distant future if i could loose some muscle mass and get under the 10 mins.
  9. (slightly off topic but......)

    Another relevant point to consider is that you can be as fast as fook; but as soon as you've got weight on your back, boots on your feet, and other restrictions etc, it's a very different story altogether.


    However, we used to have a guy in our troop last year who was on the "heavy side" , was'nt very fit at all, and broke into a sweat at the mention of phys; but put weight on him and it did'nt bother him much, he was like a wippit, and left most of the other more fitt lads behind.

    Strange eh?

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