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3 Guys


War Hero
3 guys in the queue for their initial medical, one joining the RLC, one the Gunners and one the Parachute Regiment.

The first one, joining the RLC, goes in and after about 20 minutes comes out with a broad grin "Passed with flying colours, I'M IN", he then sat down again in the waiting room to catch the transport back to the block.

The next man in was the prospective Gunner. He was a little longer and in the end came out smiling. "I wasn't deaf enough but they made an exception as they say with some hard work on AS90s I should be down to the required level in a couple of months".

Finally the last man walked in with a smug smile, he was going to walk it and in a few months he would be guarding fuel bladders for the Apaches with 2 Para. He couldn't wait.

5 minutes later he walkd out looking totally crushed. His 2 new mates rushed over and asked what the problem was, was he too intelligent?, was he not arrogant enough and liked Hats?

"No" he replied "It's my co*k, I've been circumcised"

"Why should that be a problem" said the Gunner.

"You've got to be a complete prick to join the Paras!!!!"

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