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3 Boys


War Hero
A Matelot, a Crab pilot and para all been on a ship for 6 month deployment and dock in new york, walking down a dark street they come across a dead 18 year old girl (still warm)

the sailor says ' i have'nt had a shag for 6 months i will have a go first whilst you 2 keep look out

2 minutes later he comes out the crab pilot jumps in and 5 minutes later he is back

the para says its my go and duly gets it on with the broad whilst the other 2 lookout, 1 hour passes and sailor and crab look at each other and wonder what is going on

so they pop round to see para covering the body with leaves ' what the fcuk are you doing'

Para replies ' We are coming back tomorrow are'nt we!!!'
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