3 badge killicks never looked so young.

Discussion in 'SCC and URNU' started by stirling2, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. Does this mean he became a Sea Cadet aged 3? o_O
  2. Thats dedication

  3. <<The teenager, who joined the Sea Cadets five years ago...etc>>

    Read the blinking article, you PLANK.

    Perhaps someone has told you that an RN GCB equates to 4 years or do you need a Sea Cadet to explain the criteria for SSC GCBs?

    The boy has done very well, dont knock him with inane Posts!!!!!!!

    BZ Echoed
  4. God bless this youngster, a damn sight finer than the usual dripping waste we have to endure in society's wastelands.

    And good on his parents for raising him right :thumbright:
  5. Lol, SCC GCB's denote ONE years good Conduct, up to a maximum of 3 Lol, imagine a 3 year old cadet :L

    Titanic sinks.
  7. A timely coincidence to regenerate an old post..!

    My 15 y/o daughter is off to Raleigh tomorrow for her Leading Hands board, returning Friday.
    As I type she's restitching her 3 badges on as I've told her they ain't good enough!! (I refused to do it for her but I might help with her sleeves pressing)
    Her prepared presentations, either;
    1. BTEC and its' structure
    2. 'Trim the Cat' - Owned by Matthew Flinders on board HMS Investigator (b 1797)

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