2tats is JANCOX, here's the proof

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by dunkers, Aug 16, 2007.

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  1. Had you all going though, pretty easy 'til I fucked up. all credit goes to ETME.

    well done. collect your free bar of nutty.

    BTW. You can tell credder to come back now.
  2. Jan/2 Tats what a tool, had to create 2 persona's to have a go at a young guy, who it's true could be annoying, but who was at least trying to become a serviceman, unlike the majority of todays youth. Well done you ferkin dolt!
    Edited to add BZ ETME.
  3. Fucking WAFUs - shit 'em....
    Get a grip Jancox, why 'invent' an alter-ego? is it because you is [sic]scared of the boy Creddly, or wary of the backlash from genuine RR users for bullying a newbie?
  6. as there name implies wet and feckin useless
  7. Or wandering around feckin up!
  8. Thanks everyone for making the last few days so entertaining. It was a pleasure to reel you all in. I'm off to wind up the Crabs & Pongos now.

    Don't bother to reply or PM.....

  9. some say
    we are feckin unique i think it should be we WAFS we are feckin special
  10. I vote JanCox as Oxygen Thief.

    Effing prick.
  11. your not evan a wafu anyway bye [​IMG]
  12. How on earth was anyone "reeled in" ?
    Pissed off, yes. Reeled in? That would imply a joke of some description to everyones humour.

    Oh, and who's going to PM the cock?
  13. I vote that the same as we have an O2 thief tag, we should get a troll hunter badge of honour if we've outed one! BZ ETME!
  14. I'd like to second that! Bloody disgraceful. Pick on the seasoned RR's here Jancox, not the nozzers!
  15. Oi jancocks---------[​IMG]

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