Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Ollie-O, Sep 29, 2009.

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  1. Hello All,

    A very important question that I hope someone may be able to answer:

    Is the '2nd Open Engagement' (i.e. the option to serve longer than 18/22 years) available to everyone or is it at the RN's discretion? (question aimed at ratings but any information on officer lengths of service is welcome)

    Many thanks
  2. You have to be selected for it, obviously if there is a branch shortage at a certain rate.

    But remember once you start 2OE or EC as I think it is now, you are saving the navy money by not drawing your pension, and believe me your pension will go up each year but not a fraction of the amount you will be saving the mob.
  3. It's at the RN's discretion. It's called something else now and can be up to 15 yrs depending on branch requirements
  4. Thanks, is it common or is it really not worth considering as the chances of it happening are so very slim? I'm going in as a cook/chef/logistician (cs) (p) by the way.

    (I just don't think I'll want to leave after only 18 years plus I'm ambitious, have been to university and reckon if I tried hard I could become a chief or a WO but is this really possible in only 18 years?)
  5. I think personally if you haven't joined I would just concentrate on getting in first then completing Basic before thinking about years of time done
  6. Fairly common, the higher up the tree you are, the more chance you have of being selected. As for the possibilty of WO or CPO..all things are possible, you may even consider going SD (Officer) after you've been in a while.
  7. 8 Years and 8 months from joining to getting my buttons, perks of being a "Tiff" I suppose. :wink:. If I can do it then anything is possible (apart from a no direct entry Artificers anymore). However I do know of AET's being selected for LAET's course after only three years service so there still is a fast track route. The world is your oyster!!!.

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