2OE signal out for WAFU's

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by shag_shacker, May 8, 2008.

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  1. well the 2OE signal is out and i think it easier to see whose not on it -

    well i've signed on for another 10 years before the mast, anybody else going to risk it for a biscuit.
  2. Better than working for a living I suppose... :thumright:
  3. nope shag/ i did my 12 and said ROMFT a few times/enoughs enough :salut: :angel13:
  4. Turned it down 3 years ago, 50 working!!!! days days left in the Andrew!
  5. you'll be back for Air Day and Navy Days
  6. and reunions :salut: :thumright:
  7. When I left I vowed never to go to another Navy day or Air day, and I never have. now reunions that's a different kettle of fish. I really enjoy them, so much that when I was working I always booked my holiday so that I would be back for them. I remember one year my company paying for a trip from Northern Cyprus to UK and the return 5 days later (they also sent a replacement engineer to cover my absence).
  8. was back in somerset visiting my wifes parents this weekend.

    we stopped at Cartgate for a "comfort break".

    Mrs SS picked up a flyer for VL airday

    she wanted to know if i wanted to go and have a look at all the aircraft and we should arrange a return to Somerset for tha weekend

    the kids learnt a new word for NO
  9. NEVER NEVER NEVER. Havent even read that comic NN.

    Did my 22, well was nearly 24 actually and you can stick it up yer jacksee.

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