2nd medical.

Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by WarfareSpecialistToBe, Jul 11, 2011.

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  1. Got my second medical coming up soon.

    CA said it was a limited one.

    Can anybody enlighten me on what i wont have too do again? :)

    Many thanks as always!!

    ( did my medical when i was 17, but needed it renewing! Waiting time went up, so it was put on hold. But now wants it too be done again.)

    Many thanks as always!!

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2011
  2. A medical is a medical is a medical. Suck it up cupcake.
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  3. so same thing as before then yeah?


  4. Its really simple these days.

    The Doc will sit you down, ask you a few questions, and log onto RR to see if you posted anything a bit knob.

    You should be fine.
  5. No need, Angry Doc will have signaled an RN Medical Service alert for ultra stringent testing for WS Branch Recruits for the next few months.:slow:

    A question WSToBe, if you're having a Medical resit how come you've posted in your sig block that you've passed your Medical?

    Good luck BTW.
  6. I was told that the medical had been changed recently, and you have to stand on your head throughout so they can test if you are medically fit for deployment to Australia. I'm not sure why they have changed this maybe Dave is planing on getting the empire back. Anyway just what I was told
  7. You stand on your head and they pour petrol down your duck run. If none leaks out of any orifice then your watertight. The petrol is then ignited as an aptitude test for the standby Olympic torch role (normally an STC job but they're a bit busy).

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