2nd Interview?


I've completed a formal interview, medical, eye test and a selection test all of which i passed for my chosen trade (personnel). I've now been told to fill in more security forms and self mesurements, etc (which have been completed and sent off). Well I've also been told ill be having an interview for my terms and conditions of service in 6 months which is also pass or fail.
The t&cs were covered in the last interview. I'm unsure as to why I need to do another interview.

I believe that you will need to be re-interviewed periodically throughout your waiting time for Raleigh, in order that it is considered up to date.

My assistant Ninja_Stoker will be along shortly to clarify (he's putting the kettle on a the moment, and needs to get some biscuits in).


Lantern Swinger
Ya you need to do a catch up interview every 6 months until you go into the Raleigh. Your PJFT lasts for a year and RT lasts for 3 years. hope that helps. :)

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