2ND Class Travel PSs , Budge up jack !!!!!

:roll: Public servants will be stopped from travelling first class and ministers from having a dedicated car and driver - instead they will be expected to walk, use public transport or pooled cars. :lol: :lol:
I saw the speach and agreed with the good cuts they have made especially the child £250 gift. All they do is buy a new ipod when they reach 18 and then go for a good pissup.

At least going by train and bus will put them in touch with 'real' people.
NotmeChief. I was thinking of the joy of travelling from Bath to Glasgow in a carriage full of your "real people". I'll miss Glasgow.

As things are going, there will be large numbers of empty seats in 1st Class. Interestingly, 1st Class effectively subsidises the bargain fares for "real people". It's a funny old world.
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