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As most of you probably know, my intention is to get a sixth form grant and enter the navy as aircrew, but failing this, what would you suggest I try for?

I'm tempted at either Royal marines officer or Warfare officer (subs) Are these best avoided?

Thanks, James.


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A bit of a contrast saying you have Aircrew as your first choice then Royal Marine Officer as your second.

I dont even think you know what you want mate!



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higthepig said:
As he is only fifteen, will we have RN Pilots by the time he gets in? If indeed he does.
hohoho,,,,Queen Lizzy & Prince of Wales will be RAF operational bases (on the move) by the time the young lads 30.

One base, one team!!!!! :thumright:
Sentenashi said:
Black2Blue said:
Can you not have RM Pilots?
You certainly can, I'm just thinking about if I fail the FATs, then flying isn't really an option.
Do not worry Sentanashi. From your posting it would seem that you are permanently at 20000 feet :thumright:
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