2DD's latest hair brained scheme.

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by 2_deck_dash, May 7, 2014.

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  1. Just a thought.

    The RNR is currently trying to get more people through the door, correct?

    For whatever reason this hasn't gone entirely to plan, we're still massively off our recruiting targets for FR2020. Last week just seven JRs rocked up at my unit, despite it being in a prime city location.

    Perhaps we're not looking in the right place for recruits.

    Let me explain.

    There is currently no RNR presence in West Cumbria, outside of the Scottish Highlands it is the furthest place in mainland Britain, from an RNR unit. This is despite West Cumbria's rich maritime heritage and it's coastal location.

    Now consider that BAE Systems have a massive submarine factory in Barrow. Also consider that Sellafield is in West Cumbria. Both these places employ many thousands of people, many of whom are ex forces. At Barrow in particular there are many ex matelots. BAE and Sellafield are also very Reserve friendly employers, Sellafield even does stuff with SABRE and is listed on their website as an example of how employers can support reservist employees.

    Outside of the dockyard and Sellafield, employment is fairly grim in West Cumbria, people are crying out for part time work, these are exactly the sort of people the RNR should be looking to attract. As it currently stands it is pretty much impossible for someone who lives and/or works in West Cumbria to be in the RNR, yet it seems to me that the populace in West Cumbria are probably more likely to join the RNR than any other similarly sized population in the UK.

    So why not build a satellite division in West Cumbria?

    Property there is dirt cheap. The real estate required to build an RNR unit would cost less than anywhere else in the UK. The workforces at Sellafield and BAE alone would be enough to recruit from, let alone everyone else who lives there. Looking further ahead Sellafield will probably be the location of Britain's next nuclear power station, which will mean 7000 more people (plus their families) moving to the area for jobs. Among these will be many ex matelots and other potential RNR recruits.

  2. Because it means people from West Cumbria would be in the RN?
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  3. My 2DD, you have hit the sauce early tonight
    we often see 30+ JRs turn up, and we are also in a city, but without Tower Bridge next door!
    I'd settle for every current unit to be fully resourced with quality permenant staff (and NOT those in thier last draft) before opening up a new unit! Just saying like!
  4. Just to get one thing straight Barrow is south Cumbria not west Cumbria. Don't associate us with the jam eaters up the coast.
  5. Wrong. It's Lancashire and always will be.
  6. 2DD your idea is far too sensible for the RN to use it.
    Unless you have a punning can, go to the smoke and find out where the admirals drink. Then go with a mate and discuss the idea within hearing of as many admirals as possible.
    I bet within 2 years the admiralty will announce Admiral Bowden-Cable will be in charge of building a new RNR place in Barrow.:love10:
  7. Well many people would very much like if that was still true, me I'm not old enough to have ever experienced it myself.
  8. Gong back 19 years, poor mikh became a civy, now thinks he, I have my obligatory 12 months reserves (special) to do, why not join the RNR as well, so I tootles off a letter or two, and was given the bums rush - too far away from barrow (twined with Carlisle as the twin sphincter of Cumbria) and too far away from Geordie land for it to be practical.

    2DD a damn good idea (far too late for me),but it will never happen
  9. And Kendal, Kendal can do one too.

    Back to the matter at hand, I think it's an excellent idea. Cumbria (and Lancashire) has a fine history of professional, well trained and keen reserves.

    Tap in.
  10. Fair one.

    Haven't hit the sauce yet. Weds is a school night for me.

    My point stands though, the only place in England where it's geographically impossible to be in the RNR, just happens to be full of exactly the sort of people we should be looking to recruit. I.e. ex regular forces, people who already work in the maritime sector, people with supportive employers and poverty stricken northerners who are looking for part time work.
  11. Poverty stricken Northerns? My Gawd man, damn your eyes, who would be the Officers? Can't have the chaps coming through the lower deck?
  12. All the rich people that have holiday homes in the South Lakes.

    Not very good at strategic thinking are you?
  13. Gadzooks MLP!
    bloody good idea, spiffing idea! We could get the holiday home owners to do some form of rotation, but not on a Wednesday, that's for shooting grouse.
  14. I thought they preferred shooting peasants?
  15. You buffoon JRW,
    TheY do that on Sundays
  16. I actually think this is a good idea. However, how often do new reserve centres of any arm springup?
  17. I think it might have to fight the following locations:
    Ipswitch/Norfolk - bluddy miles from PRES(and full of east coast fishermen)
    Taunton/Yevilton - ease the journey from the South Coast (inc Poole/Bornemouth) to FOX/KA/VIVID

    Oh, and also the slight snag of no Permenant Staff!

    But otherwise, cracking original thought,mind you never know, it might even work!
  18. None of the places you list have a submarine factory or a nuclear power plant that employs many thousands of ex forces people. None of the places on your list have stupidly cheap property for sale and all of the places you list are closer to other RNR units and are well served by a variety of other reserve options.

    In west Cumbria it's basically 4 Lancs or nothing. All these people who live and work near the sea and have massive pride in their maritime history, many of whom actually build submarines for a living, cannot join the RNR. Seems to me like there is a massive pool of untapped recruits there, probably more so than anywhere else in the UK.

    What's the deal with setting up a satellite division like Ceres? Surely it's not much harder than equipping and staffing a cadet unit, which most small towns and even some villages seem perfectly capable of.

    Also the PSI thing is simply untrue. There are plenty of Cumbrians in the mob who'd do it, plus people who'd just fancy living near the Lakes for a cushy draft. None of the PSIs from my old TA unit were from the local area. I know for a fact there is a PSI currently serving at a Northern RNR unit who commutes over from West Cumbria every weekend.

    Failing that, just stitch MLP to do it.

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