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29th Oct entry


Dear all since i am joining now earlier than expected can you all say hi if your joining BRNC in Oct will be nice to know some before i go?



thisbe said:
DE Warfare here. Can't believe this time in three weeks we will be there!


Yup, three weeks. I'm really looking forward to it, should be good fun (especially doing ABLE in the middle of winter!). I take it we're all lean, mean, fighting machines then? I managed to crack the 2.4km sub 11 minutes yesterday, which rather impressed me as I hadn't done any running at all this past fortnight. This means of course that I'm totally out of sync with the AIB fitness book, although I haven't really been following it as I have my own routines worked out. So I'll have to decide whether simply to fill it out, or hand it in largely incomplete.


Yeah i only found out today so gonna get cracking asap! need to sort alot out only got 3weeks leave to do it! Im already in! so where are we all travelling from? London here!
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