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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Drew, Jun 4, 2014.

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  1. Hi all, I know I'm another dreaded newbie. I'm a 28 year old plumber been so since 16 got dragged out of bed by the old man on my 16th birthday and started my career. I never had any ambition to be one but just seemed to be what happened. For the last 3 years or so I have had a lot of thought into joining th Royal Navy. I know the max applying ages and restrictions and know I'm within the limits, I'm not after information that I can get from the Royal Navy website, I know what trade I would like to apply for, just after any info from anyone who is serving or has served about being on the older side when applying to join. I'm sorry if this has already been discussed before but haven't been able to find a link to a thread.
    Any info would be appreciated thanks
  2. A Plumber, you're a Plumber! A man with a licence to print money and a great job to boot.
    You wish to give this up for life in a Blue Suit?
    You will be going from being your own boss to being told what to do and your pay will drop faster than a whores drawers.
    Your age is no problem to the RN, in fact as an ex senior rate I preferred newbies to be more mature, they could be trusted more and usually had more common sense.
    The RN is a great life but think very carefully.
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  3. I know it sounds odd, but the pay isn't that great to be fair and the amount of money you have to pay out on diesel, van, insurances and of course good old gas safe register I probably take home the same amount as someone working hard at a supermarket. I work for a company and boss is a bit of a tool spawned by satan, used to being told what to do a lot but I quite like having some sort of structure and someone to dislike just bored of the same old, don't really feel like it's leading anywhere
  4. Don't mean to be picky but 'bit of a tool' who is 'spawned by satan'? I would think someone who was spawned by Satan would at least be a complete tool, possibly worse.
  5. Drew
    My advice to you would be to consider self employment.
    Good honest plumbers can make a mint.
    We have two young guys in our area who specialise in refitting bathrooms. They do great job and do not advertise. All there work is word of mouth and they have so much business that you have to wait in line for them.
    Great guys, sensible prices and a great job is done by them.
    They do not do gas due to having to register for gas safe, when they need a sparkie they pay for one.
  6. Bollocks.

    Join up, get stuck in you have plumbing to fall back on. If you don't you'll always wonder what could have been.

    I joined at 23, my bezzer at 27 and don't regret a thing.
  7. I can see where you are coming from Monty, however when you joined up did you have a decent job with a good future or where you like me wanting to get a trade and some qualifications?
    Don't forget todays RN is not what is was when you joined, the opportunities are not so good and there are not as many decent drafts.
  8. Yes I did.

    And the old 'Navy isn't what it was' argument doesn't wash. It's every bit an opportunity to better yourself and them some .
  9. I just look at my future and at the moment it just looks like another 40 odd years of the same thing.
    My misses has her career in the NHS and we have a mortgage so it's not like I have to save for one of those
  10. There's always the odd jobs (cash in hand) you can do for your mates, instructors, DO, skipper, MAA. The chances to get yourself out of the shit are endless!!
  11. Now if I had been well qualified in 1963 no way would I have joined the RN. However I wasn't and so joined and grabbed the opportunities offerred by the service with both hands (eventually=)) The navy was of course much larger then and prospects where exceptionally good, you rarely saw a sailor with a couple of GCBs without at least a hook above them and in many cases a pair of hooks.
    Pleased to be informed that the opportunities are still there.
  12. Don't have to save up for a missus? :p some old codgers off of here have joined up well old- omg in their 30's, soooo crusty. Hopefully they will be along soon to give some advice.
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  13. You have to be in it to win it. Never put yourself in the position to wonder: "what if?"
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  14. Agree fully, There are two types for me. Those that talk about it and those that do it.
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  15. I'm in a similar position Drew, I'm a motorcycle technician about to fully qualify at 25 and am thinking about joining the RN in a couple of years. Wondering if I've left it too late and if I should stick out my current career rather than finish my apprenticeship and change jobs again. But I just know I'd then be in my 30s, too old to join my chosen trade regretting that I never at least tried..

    It's a personal decision at the end of the day, but you just don't want those nagging what ifs hanging around..
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  16. 28 is definitely not too old. I joined last year aged 32.
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  17. I'll be joining at 34. Yeah it get's me worried but I won't know if it'll work unless I go. I just remind myself that I'll likely be thinking in a couple of years time (if I don't do it) I wish I had, and now have to endure the life I didn't want.

    If you've got to the stage of thinking about the Navy then you are obviously looking for a new path. Go for it - you can always fall back on being a plumber. I haven't even got that luxury!
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  18. Thanks for all the comments appreciate it, glad I'm not the only one out there. My misses has told me to go for it and if I don't she will fill in my application for me
  19. With the nearest and dearest supporting your decision that is half any battle.

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