28 days initial service

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Dec 3, 2008.

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  1. I've just been told that after I attest on the first day of training I MUST do 28 days before I can opt out. If I don't like it is there any way I can get out before the 28 day period? What would happen if I just refused to do anything and demmanded they let me go?
  2. If you are serious about joining the Corps, why would you even be thinking about this. You can't "demand" that they let you go. If you have a medical condition or are mentally unstable, then that is a completely different ball game.

    You could always try walking around naked.

    You sign your contract and agree to the terms therin. If everyone left due to the "shock of capture" during the first few days/weeks we wouldn't have anyone serving. The 28 days (not including leave) is designed to give individuals a reasonable insight into what they have let themselves in for. Many leave after the 28 period and instantly regret it.
  3. Well I think I'll go down n see what it's like and if I absolutely hate it Ill tell them I have a drugs problem and feel like I'm going insane.
  4. Well if that's your attitude towards joining the Corps.

  5. Is this guy for real?
  6. If you are thinking like that, don't bother going. Don't take up a place someone else really wants, and go to tesco and stack shelves :threaten:
  7. Tango Whisky Alpha Tango.....
  8. I'm not trying to be a prick guys, but who knows how I'll feel. I think it's better going in with an open mind and anticipating some bad experiences rather than just running in blindly expecting to love every second of training and telling myself I'll def not leave. That's just unrealistic.

    All i'm saying is that if i do decide it isn't for me I don't want to be hanging about for a month when i could be out pursuing a career I want to do.
  9. Don't join in the first place knobber, you will not be welcome with that attitude.
    Getting naked is brilliant too.
  10. my bold......... well your doing a fcking good job of it!!!

    So far you have (on your left eye dominant thread) tried to be a smart **** to a Bootneck, youve said Royal is "a bit gay" for getting naked/having a naked bar and now your whinging about 28 days opt out.

    Seriously, do you really think the attitude you have is what the Corps want? Fck off and join an airsoft club.
  11. I think the Marines need all the help they can get. They are an undermanned force. When I go into the careers office the Marine WO2 reminds me of a double glazing slalesman trying to sell the Corps.

    I'm gonna see what it's like but if it's crap i'm out. I've passed everything anyway so I am gonna start soon. As far as I'm conmcerned it's a job that will pay me, feed me and give me shelter so I don't have to in civvie street.
  12. Help like yours, they can do without. Do yourself a favour. Wake up and smell the coffee. You appear to have no real drive or determination to earn a green beret. You appear to have very little comprehension as to what is required in order for you to earn the pay, be fed and have shelter. A walk in the park it is not, and it is not just a matter of attendance.
  13. Thats the deal, no specials take it or leave it. The reality is they have selected the 28 days to give both you and the corps a chance to understand what is really involved and understand each other. Just as you don't want to waste time in a career that is not for you you don't want to walk out on the best career you could have had in a fit of peek because some one shouted at you a bit too much one day.

  14. 1. The ROYAL Marines want quaility, not quantity and would rather be undermanned than have people they couldnt trust.

    2. As a Recruiting Officer thats his job you fcking mong.

    3. Passed everything? You aint even started yet!!!

    4. It wont pay you or shelter you for long trust me. Id wager you wont last a fortnight and if you did, you will be outed as a cnut not long after. When your living and training in close proximity to other lads and a training team theres nowhere to hide!!

    Actually the more I think about this, the more I think this is a wind up. You are entirely to much of a cnut to be for real.
  15. I was the best man there on my PRMC. Did my the second half of the 3 mile run in7min 55secs. Came first by a long way on the assault course and got top marks on all my gym tests. When the other recruits were hanging out their arses I was hardly sweating on the determination test.

    I bet I'm fitter than anyone on this thread too. And your trying to say the Marines don't want me Hahaha
  16. We should ask Nails to eyebrows, 2 clips, black maskers safeguard this post.
    Has to be a bite, not the best one in the world., but a bite nevertheless.
  17. It takes more than fitness to gain your green lid, it takes determination, which means you have to really want it.

    From your posts you don't seem to want it, just someone to feed and accomodate you.
  18. Wow...... Im impressed. 7min 55 eh?....... Congratulations!! Well at least we know that when your Troop ambushed by the Taliban, you can strip down to your shorts, t-shirt and trainers and run really, really, really fast to take them all out single handedly.

    Why the hell are you bothering with the Royal Marines anyway? Just bypass the kidde stuff and go right to the SBS or SAS. With your level of fitness and being fitter than all of us too, Im sure they would just give you a beret there and then!! :thumright:

    Go for it mate!!

    Oh and google 'Ethos of the Royal Marines' sometime(im assuming you can read). You will soon realise that fitness is just a tiny part of it all and also that your only as fast as your slowest man.
  19. :thumright: :thumright:

    I concur with all your replies to this dinner gong reference not lasting 5 minutes. I remember sitting in one of the puzzle palace lecture rooms and reading this on the table......Eat the apple, fcuk the Corps. I guess he went aswell and this mong wont be the last either.

    And no dont even entertain the RMR as they have high standards also and you have to do the phys in your own time without a Troop PTI or stripey telling you to. In short.......go and join the RLC thats Really Large Corps to you matey!!
  20. Woopy f***ing do. Look at you Mr F***ing Rambo. Top student on PRMC eh! Bet that makes you feel really good about yourself. Didn't show much determination then if you weren't sweating. You are going to be eaten alive and spat out by the training staff at CTCRM. Only wish I could be there to witness it.

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